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Can the Domino Router task be restarted with a 'Tell Router Restart' command?

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It is possible to restart certain Domino® server tasks by issuing the command "tell [taskname] restart", however it does not work for the mail router task. Is there a way to restart the router using one command?


There is a new command in Domino 6.0 and higher that can be used to shut down and restart any task:

    restart task [taskname]

For example, to restart the Router task:
    > restart task router
    mm/dd/yyyy 12:50:22 PM Router: Shutdown is in progress
    mm/dd/yyyy 12:50:22 PM Mail Router shutdown
    mm/dd/yyyy 12:50:22 PM Mail Router started for domain IBM
    mm/dd/yyyy 12:50:22 PM Router: Internet SMTP host TEST in domain

Additionally, the following command is available:

    tell router update config

This server command updates the server's routing tables to immediately modify how messages are routed. This removes the 5 minute delay before a Router configuration change takes effect. In older versions of Domino, you had to restart the router task to update the routing tables after making changes in the sources documents.

The command is case insensitive.

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