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What does the message 'Performing consistency check' mean?

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When a Lotus® Domino® server is started, the following message can appear:

Performing consistency check on database <database>.nsf

What does this message indicate?


This message is an indication that Domino is performing a consistency check on a Lotus Notes® database. A consistency check is synonymous with the Fixup server task. Consistency checks are done when a database is found to be in an unknown state, corrupt state, or the integrity is questionable.

  • An unknown state occurs when the database is not closed properly (for example, a server crash or a database file being copied at the operating system level while open, etc.).
  • A corrupt state can occur in several places. These all relate to bad tables, notes, folders, bitmaps, etc.
  • Questionable integrity occurs when a database header or index has entries that appear to be invalid.

There is no way to prevent a consistency check from occurring. When Domino performs a consistency check, it is a good thing, because Domino is proactively maintaining the stability of a Notes database.

Supporting Information:

The NSF file format and detailed information regarding ODS attributes and changes Notes makes between releases are proprietary and will not be generally documented.

NOTE $FIXUP does not delete a document and leave behind a deletion stub, it completely removes it.

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