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How to prevent users from exporting view data in Lotus Notes

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As a database administrator, you want to protect your data by preventing end users from exporting the view data. Is this possible?


Yes, starting in Lotus Notes® 8.0.2, a new option has been added to the "Advanced Tab" of the database properties, entitled "Disable export of view data."
Enabling or disabling of this option can also be done using an API call (setOption) or a LotusScript (SetOption). The constant to use in LotusScript is DBOPT_DISABLEVIEWEXPORT (85). As this database property can be manually disabled by a user, an administrator may choose to reset this database property via this LotusScript option or simply assign the appropriate ACL access to prevent the user from modifying it.

If this database option is set, when a user highlights or selects a document(s) within the database, the user will still be able to select the File > Export menu command. However, the Export dialog box will not display. No errors or warning messages will display to indicate that the administrator has disabled this property for this database, and it may appear that nothing is happening.

This database option will work within any view or folder, unlike its title, and prevent the user from exporting any document from within it.

This setting does not affect functionality of any API calls or LotusScript. Enabling
or disabling this database option only prevents the export of a document(s) through @Command([FileExport]) or the File > Export menu command. It will not affect archiving or replication.

As this option is supplied through means of a database property, it would be
controlled by the template and not by a policy.

Please refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

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