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System Requirements for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 for HP-UX PA-RISC

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This document contains system requirements for the WebSphere Broker V6.1 products on HP-UX on PA-RISC.


The Configuration Manager, User Name Server and Broker requirements for HP-UX PA-RISC are documented below.

Configuration Manager, User Name Server and Broker Requirements:

Please read first
  • WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ Integrator, and Integrator Broker product READMEs
  • Where patches for a product are specified, this means that these patches were required to resolve problems found during testing and should therefore be considered as the minimum necessary maintenance level. Further maintenance should be applied in accordance with the guidance of the relevant software manufacturer.
  • The Message Broker supports any JMS 1.1 provider. The minimum embedded JRE is Java 1.5. Both of these factors need to be considered when selecting a JMS provider whose client will be embedded in Message Broker.
  • Defect support is available for virtualization environments where they relate to releases of this platform already supported by WebSphere Message Broker. Unless stated elsewhere in the system requirements, WebSphere Message Broker has not been specifically tested in virtualization environments. WebSphere Message Broker Support is therefore unable to assist in issues related to configuration and setup, or issues that are directly related to the virtualization environment itself.
Hardware Requirements
  • Hewlett-Packard HP-9000 PA-RISC 2.0 processor machines
Operating Systems
  • HP-UX 11i V2 (B.11.23) (plus the recommended HP-UX 11.23 patches required for Java 5.0 (Java 1.5))
  • HP-UX 11i V3
(required for the broker component only)
Brokers can access Information Integrator data sources, for user data, on WebSphere Information Integrator for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V8.2.
Brokers can access, via JDBC only, Information Integrator data sources for user data on WebSphere Information Integrator Classic Federation (IICF) for z/OS, where the WebSphere IICF client code is provided for the Message Broker platform.

  1. Oracle Database Server requires the Oracle Runtime Client if using 32-bit Execution Groups.
  2. JDBC Type-4 transaction support using DB2 requires a minimum level of DB2 v9.1 Fix Pack 3 or later. Support on DB2 v8 is not available.
  3. Only the connect-time failover feature,using a list of alternate servers, of Oracle RAC in non-XA environments is supported. The connect-time failover feature, using a list of alternate servers, of Oracle RAC is also supported in ODBC XA environments for supported Oracle versions from and above, with WebSphere Message Broker V6.1.0.6 or later. Please note that this is only supported for 64 bit execution groups for this platform.
  4. Automatic Client Reroute for DB2 is supported.
  5. Informix support only for user databases. Large objects (LOBs) are not supported. Stored procedures are supported with WebSphere Message Broker V6.1.0.4 and Informix Client SDK V3.50 with FC4 Fix Pack.
  6. Globally coordinated transaction support (‘XA’) is provided.
  7. If using DB2 v9.1 the following environment variable must be set and exported in the broker’s environment, MQSI_SIGNAL_EXCLUSIONS=10.
  8. WebSphere Message Broker V6.1.0.2 is the minimum supported product level; APAR IC57602 must also be applied.
  9. WMB V6.1.0.8 or later is required.
  10. IBM DB2 Database Server - System i support (non-XA only).
    a. Brokers can access DB2 Databases, for user data, on System i servers running OS/400 V5R2, V5R3 or V5R4 via DB2 Connect.

    b. This support is subject to the following restrictions:

      i. The broker database may not reside on the System i server.

      ii. Globally coordinated ('XA') transactions are not supported.

      iii. Database stored procedures on the System i server may be called, when using DB2 Connect, but not with System i Access for Windows.

      iv. Message flows containing Rules and Formatter Extension nodes may not access System i databases.

IBM DB2 Database Server - System z support:

    a. Brokers can access DB2 Databases, for user data, on System z servers via DB2 Connect.

    b. This support is subject to the following restrictions:
      i. The broker database may not reside on the System z server.

      ii. Message flows containing Rules and Formatter Extension nodes may not access System z databases.
WebSphere MQ
  1. WebSphere MQ V6.0.1.0 or later is required for globally coordinated transaction support (‘XA’).
  2. WebSphere Message Broker V6.1.0.3 or later is required.
  3. WebSphere Message Broker V6.1.0.5 or later is required.
Supported Adapters For specific enterprise information system (EIS) product versions supported by the v6.1 WebSphere Adapters embedded in WebSphere Message Broker please refer to the software requirements page at: Supported software for IBM WebSphere Adapters and IBM WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
  • SAP (HP-UX 11i V2)
  • Siebel (HP-UX 11i V2)
  • PeopleSoft (HP-UX 11i V2)
Rules and Formatter Extension Please refer to the Rules and Formatter Extension installation readme for a list of supported databases.
WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
  1. Support is provided when using 6.1 compatibility URLs.
    Documentation for the "compatibility URLs" mentioned can be found at: WebSphere Service Registry and Repository - Web service interface URLs

Change History
  • 26th September 2007: Initial release date November.
  • 20th November 2007: Added note 13 and removed Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (plus Service Pack 3A) Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (plus Service Pack 1).
  • 3rd December 2007: Added Supported Adapters section and note 14.
  • 25th January 2008: Added support for HP-UX 11i V3.
  • 22nd February 2008: Added Automatic Client Reroute for DB2 is supported.
  • 11th March 2008: Added virtualization note.
  • 29th May 2008: New format released (WMB information is also included).
  • 1st July 2008: Replaced note 3 in Databases section.
  • 1st September 2008: Added support for Informix Dynamic Server V10.00.
  • 27th November 2008: General update in support of the WMB release.
  • 11th June 2009: Added support for stored procedures on IDS and Oracle RAC in XA environment.
  • 20th January 2010: Added support for IBM WebSphere MQ for HP-UX PA-RISC, V7.0.1.
  • 29th September 2010: Added support for Oracle 11g Release 2.
  • 12th March 2012: Oracle RAC support clarification added.
  • 8th May 2012: Added support for WSRR 7.5.

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