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System Requirements for WebSphere Message Broker V6.0 for z/OS, WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V6.0 for z/OS, and WebSphere Event Broker V6.0 for z/OS

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This document contains system requirements for the WebSphere Broker V6 products on z/OS.


Note: Refer to the Program Directory for more specific information.

The following products or equivalents are supported at the specified minimum levels:

Configuration Manager Requirements:

Broker Requirements:

Operating Systems
Hardware Requirements
WebSphere MQ
XML Toolkit
JDK Broker requires either: or


  1. Before installing any new products, ensure that you review their current Preventative Service Planning (PSP) information.
  2. Brokers can access Information Integrator databases, for user data, on WebSphere Information Integrator Classic Federation for z/OS V8.2, providing direct SQL connectivity with z/OS data sources: IMS, VSAM, ISAM, sequential files, CA-IDMS, CA-Datacom, Software AG ADABAS, and DB2. WebSphere Information Integrator Classic Federation v8.2 is supported when using a CAF connection only, and therefore this support does not include two-phase-commit. Please note that all broker datasources will be either CAF or RRSAF. When CAF is used, database operations are not coordinated by RRS. This includes any updates to the brokers database as well as user databases.
  3. Where patches for a product are specified, this means that these patches were required to resolve problems found during testing and should therefore be considered as the minimum necessary maintenance level. Further maintenance should be applied in accordance with the guidance of the relevant software manufacturer.
  4. The Message Broker supports any JMS 1.1 provider. The JRE required is Java 1.4.2, but it is not embedded. Both of these factors need to be considered when selecting a JMS provider whose client will be embedded in Message Broker.
  5. Automatic Client Reroute for DB2 is supported.
  6. WebSphere Message Broker V6.0.0.9 or later is required.
  7. PTF for APAR PM00450 is required.

Change History
  • 7 July 2006: Added "The following products or equivalents are supported at the specified minimum levels:"
  • 30 June 2009: Added support for 31-bit SDK for z/OS, Java 2 Technology Edition.

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