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IBM Integration Toolkit Version Interim Fix 001



This is Interim Fix 001 for IBM Integration Toolkit Version

Download Description

This interim fix contains fixes for the following problems:

1. Application Development view
APAR IC95602 StackOverflow error occurs when circular project reference exists

2. BPM Integration
APAR IC94908 Service generated from BPM TWX has errors on XSD

APAR IC93278 ESQL schema variable not recognized for compiled in-line option in BAR
APAR IC95192 Invalid ESQL warning on XMLNSC.BuildTreeUsingSchemaTypes

4. Flow
APAR IC92169 Promoted property node compiled on subflow node
APAR IC92789 Error occurs when generating a report on a WSDL file
APAR IC94304 Extra schema added to ESQL PATH statement when BAR compiled in the CMF file
APAR IC94769 The name of UDN based on subflow can be ended with node

5. Integration Nodes view
APAR IC93294 Integration Nodes view hangs when stopping an unauthorized flow

6. Mapper
APAR IC93651 .msgmap to .map conversion can fail with a ClassCastException
APAR IC94567 Unexpected function "spath" in mapping expression
APAR IC94932 Error in msgmap converted map on header mappings

6. Message Modeling
APAR IC94716 Creation of message definition files from SCA fails
APAR IC94222 Long initial build time when mxsds include chameleon namespaces


You must have installed IBM Integration Toolkit Version and IBM Installation Manager Version 1.6.2 (or later) before downloading and applying this interim fix.

For information about Installation Manager Version 1.6.2, click the IM 1.6.2 information center link in the following table. To download the compressed file for local installation of Installation Manager, click the IM 1.6.2 release and download link.

IM 1.6.2 Knowledge Center English 999
IM 1.6.2 Release and download English 999

Installation Instructions

To install the Toolkit interim fix, complete the following steps:

1. Click the HTTP link below to download the fix pack file. If you are using Internet Explorer with a medium-high security setting, you might have to click the HTTP link twice before you can download the file.

2. Extract the contents of the file into a new local directory.

3. Ensure that no Rational products are running, including the IBM Integration Toolkit.

4. Ensure that you have Installation Manager Version 1.6.2 or above installed.

5. For more information about installing a fix pack, click the Installation instructions link in the following table:

Installation instructions English 999

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is DD?
Integration Toolkit IFix001 06 Sep 2013 English 265205172 HTTP DD

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IC94908, IC93278, IC92169, IC92789, IC94769, IC94304, IC93294, IC93651, IC94567, IC94716, IC94222, IC94932, IC95192, IC95602

Document information

More support for: IBM Integration Bus

Component: Maintenance

Software version: 9.0

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4035551

Modified date: 04 July 2018