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Requirements: SysBack V6.1 TSM Integration Features

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This document provides information that describes IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery SysBack's (SysBack) V6.1 requirements for integration with Tivoli Storage Manager.


The hardware and operating system requirements for storing SysBack backups into a Tivoli Storage Manager server are the same as the base product. The following additional requirements are specific to interactions with Tivoli Storage Manager:

    The following limitations and exclusions apply to interaction with Tivoli Storage Manager:
    • SysBack backups should not be used to backup Tivoli Storage Manager HSM managed file systems. You will need to explicitly specify any HSM managed file system in the SysBack exclude list. For detailed information on SysBack exclude lists, please refer to Chapter 11, “Exclude Lists,” on page 145 of the SysBack Installation and User's Guide.
        Note: Using SysBack to back up HSM managed file systems will cause all of the migrated data to be recalled for the backup operation. This could cause lengthy backup times. Also, there may not be enough space in the file system to recall all of the migrated data. Use the TSM Backup-Archive Client to backup HSM managed file systems instead.
    • GPFS file systems are not supported by SysBack
        Note: The TSM Backup-Archive Client supports the backup of GPFS file systems.
    • AFS and DFS file system structures can not be recreated from backups. If the root user has the appropriate AFS or DFS permissions, then SysBack can backup the data.
        Note: The TSM Backup-Archive Client may support the backup of AFS and DFS file systems.

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Modified date: 13 November 2007