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IMS TM Resource Adapter Version 12

Release notes


Version 12 of the IMS™ TM resource adapter is based on version 1.5 of the J2EE Connector Architecture.


Important: IMS Version 12 (PID 5635-A03) was withdrawn from service on November 7, 2016. You should upgrade to the latest version for continued support. For more information about the withdrawal, see announcement letter ENUS915-163.

IMS TM Resource Adapter Version 12 provides the following new features. For a list of updates to Version 12, see Version 12 - List of updates.

  • Support for RACF® password phrases
    V12.2.0 and later adds the support for RACF password phrases from 9 -100 characters for IMS V12. IMS V12 APARs PM77999 and PM77494 are required for this support.
  • Support for IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Version 8 and its resource workload routing function
    The new resource workload routing function in WebSphere Application Server V8 offers data source and connection factory failover and subsequent fallback from a predefined alternate or backup resource. This function enables applications to easily recover from resource outages, such as database failures, without having to embed alternate resource and configuration information.

  • Support for multiple data stores per IMS activation specification for callout messages
    This enhancement enables a single message-driven bean (MDB) to pull callout messages from more than one IMS data store. For a shared-queues environment, this enhancement removes the requirement to duplicate the MDB application to connect to each IMS member in the shared queue.
  • Data store connection failure recovery for callout messages
    When the backend IMS is not available, in addition to the attempt to reconnect to IMS Connect, the resource adapter will also attempt to reconnect to the IMS data store. A new -1 value is added to the IMSActivationSpec retryLimit property to support indefinite retry for connection to IMS Connect and the IMS data store. When the retry is successful and the connection is restored, informational messages are provided to indicate the successful re-connection.

  • Support for IMS Version 12 OTMA DFS2082 messages for commit-then-send CM0 transactions
    With this IMS Version 12 enhancement, for CM0 transactions, if the IMS application does not reply to the IOPCB or complete a message switch to another transaction, OTMA issues a DFS2082 message to the client to indicate the transaction terminated with no reply. This enhancement enables you to convert send-then-commit (CM1) transactions into CM0 transactions without having to modify your applications.

  • Support for IMS Version 12 Connect RACF return codes
    In IMS Version 12, if a RACF security failure occurs, IMS Connect includes a 2-byte return code from the RACF RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY command. This version of the IMS TM resource adapter is enhanced to take advantage of the enhancement so the RACF security failure reason code is available to IMS TM resource adapter to assist troubleshooting.

Other highlights include:
  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous callout requests from IMS applications to external message-driven beans (MDBs), Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJB) components, or Web services
  • Support for enhanced security when retrieving callout requests or asynchronous output messages from the hold queue (RESUME TPIPE security) through the specification of a user ID that will be authorized by IMS OTMA
  • Support for the invocation of IMS applications by using complex data types from distributed platforms
  • Business process choreography support of IMS conversations
  • Support for integrating IMS MFS services in business processes through IBM Integration Designer and IBM Process Server
  • Support for re-establishing any stale connection in a connection pool when the connection encounters a communication failure
  • Support for changing RACF passwords from Java™ applications
  • Support for returning multiple output messages for commit mode 0 interactions as a single, multi segment message

IMS TM Resource Adapter Version 12 supports IMS Version 12, Version 11, and Version 10, with the integrated IMS Connect function. The IMS Connect function can coexist with earlier or newer versions of IMS. See the Release Planning Guide for the version of IMS that you are using for IMS Connect coexistence considerations and coexistence APARs.

The runtime environment is the same as the target WebSphere Application Server where the IMS TM resource adapter is deployed.

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