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IMS TM Resource Adapter Version 11

Release notes


Version 11 of the IMS™ TM resource adapter is based on version 1.5 of the J2EE Connector Architecture.


Important: IMS Version 11 (PID 5635-A02) was withdrawn from service in 2014. You should upgrade to the latest version for continued support. For more information about the withdrawal, see announcement letter ENUS913-149.

Version 11 contains the following new features. For a list of updates to Version 11, see Version 11 - List of updates.

New features:

  • Support for integrating IMS MFS services in business processes through IBM® Integration Designer and IBM Process Server (Version 11.3 and later)
    By using the IMS TM resource adapter, business integration developers can use IBM Integration Designer to generate services from IMS MFS conversational and non-conversational applications into reusable components to be integrated into their existing business processes. MFS application services created in IBM Integration Designer can then be deployed to run in IBM Process Server.
  • Support for a transaction to expire after the execution times out (Version 11.2 and later)
    The IMS TM resource adapter now supports the OTMA transaction expiration function in IMS Version 10 and Version 11. This OTMA enhancement enables a client application to instruct OTMA that, when the execution times out, the transaction expires, the client application no longer waits for the response, and the transaction can be discarded or dequeued.

    Prior to this release, when the execution timeout value that is set through the executionTimeout property is reached, the transaction could not be cancelled on OTMA and therefore used up unnecessary resources. This added support enables an IMS TM resource adapter client application to take advantage of the transaction expiration enhancement in OTMA to relieve OTMA from having to process unnecessary transaction request messages.

    The OTMA transaction expiration function in IMS Version 10 requires APAR PK70458, PK74024, and PK74017. No APAR is required for later versions of IMS.
  • Elimination of duplicate client ID errors during high system load when multiple instances of distributed WebSphere® Application Server connect to IMS Connect on the same port.
    Previously, if the IMS TM resource adapter ran in multiple instances of distributed WebSphere Application Server, each instance of the server had to use a different IMS Connect port to avoid the possibility of duplicate client IDs, which would cause an error. In Version 11, if an incoming connection request from the IMS TM resource adapter appears to use an ID that is a duplicate of an ID already being used, IMS Connect automatically generates a unique client ID for the incoming IMS TM resource adapter session without sending an error to the client application.

Other highlights include:
  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous callout requests from IMS applications to external message-driven beans (MDBs), Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJB) components, or Web services
  • Support for enhanced security when retrieving callout requests or asynchronous output messages from the hold queue (RESUME TPIPE security) through the specification of a user ID that will be authorized by IMS OTMA
  • Support for the invocation of IMS applications by using complex data types from distributed platforms
  • Business process choreography support of IMS conversations
  • Support for re-establishing any stale connection in a connection pool when the connection encounters a communication failure
  • Support for changing RACF® passwords from Java™ applications
  • Support for returning multiple output messages for commit mode 0 interactions as a single, multisegment message

IMS TM Resource Adapter Version 11 supports IMS Version 10 and later, with integrated IMS Connect. The integrated IMS Connect function can coexist with earlier or newer versions of IMS. See the Release Planning Guide for the version of IMS that you are using for IMS Connect coexistence considerations and coexistence APARs.

The runtime environment is the same as the target WebSphere Application Server where the IMS TM resource adapter is deployed.

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