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InfoSphere Replication Server Recommended Fixes

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What are the recommended fixes for InfoSphere Replication Server formerly known as WebSphere® Replication Server?


Fixes for InfoSphere Replication Server products on Linux, UNIX, and Windows are integrated and delivered with DB2® fix packs.

Recommended fixes can be found at the following URL:

If InfoSphere Federation Server is installed in addition to InfoSphere Replication Server installed, then the correct fixpak image to download is "DB2 Universal Fixpak".

For version 8.2 on UNIX/Linux systems, the correct fixpak to download is "Regular FixPak for V8".
For version 8.2 on Windows, the correct fixpak images to download are 1 of the DB2 Editions (depending on what you have installed already) and "DB2 Information Integrator Relational Wrappers".

For the latest recommended Replication Server on z/OS fixes, see

For the latest recommended DataPropagator on iSeries fixes, see

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