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DB2 Version 9.5 database partitioning

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In DB2® Version 9.5, database partitioning is available only as part of the DB2 Warehouse products.


DB2 Version 9.5 introduces two new features: IBM® Base Warehousing Feature for DB2 9.5, and IBM Enterprise Warehouse Feature for DB2 Version 9.5. These new features incorporate what was known in previous releases as DPF (Data Partitioning Feature), as well as other product offerings. DPF is no longer available as a separate feature.
To use DB2 with database partitioning and the additional warehousing tools, install the IBM Base Warehousing Feature for DB2 Version 9.5 as a stand-alone product. A license for DB2 Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) Version 9.5 is a prerequisite.

If you do not need the additional warehousing tools or if you want to migrate from DB2 Version 9.1 with DPF to DB2 Version 9.5, install DB2 ESE Version 9.5 and apply the IBM Base Warehousing Feature for DB2 9.5 license key to activate database partitioning.

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