Remote search upgrade required when upgrading to WebSphere Portal version

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Remote search is not working after upgrading to any new version of the IBM WebSphere Portal server. This technote referrs specifically to version


The code version of the Portal server and the remote search server must be the same. After the upgrade, the remote search server must be updated to match.

Resolving the problem

First, install the files for the remote search services which are located here:

  • Save a backup copy of the contents of the directory where you first installed the original
  • Expand the new RemotePSE to that same directory.

Note: This is the best means to upgrade the PSE files. There is another method by using iFix PK84560, however the use of is preferred.

Next, install the files for remote document conversion services, found here:

Installing the RemoteDCS:
  • Copy the latest file to the remote server and unzip it in the directory of choice. Use the appropriate unzip tool for your operating system.
  • A dcs directory is created with many files and subdirectories in it.
  • Deploy dcs.war into WebSphere Application Server using the administrative console. The war file will be found in the unzipped directory, and the user should specify a context root of dcs. You should not change the default application name dcs_war.
  • Run the config script found in the unzipped directory.
Microsoft Windows: setupdcs.bat
UNix/Linux systems: ./.
Note: In some cases, the script prompts you to enter the profile name where dcs.war is installed. If dcs.war is present in the default directory, leave this field blank. When entering a profile directory other than the default directory, do not append the profile name to the directory path.
  • The oiexport directory should be added in PATH as well as in the Library path.


    Library path variable

    Table 1. Platform and library path










  • Restart the server.

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