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EMC DL3D 1500/3000 Configuration Information for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server

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Configuration information for EMC DL3D 1500/3000 Virtual Tape Library


EMC DL3D 1500/3000

The EMC DL3D 1500/3000 can emulate tape libraries, tape drives, and tape media. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager supports following emulation mode with EMC DL3D 1500/3000.

Library emulation:

  • ADIC Scalar i2000
  • ADIC Scalar i500
  • ATL P7000
  • Quantum DX 3000
  • Quantum PX 500
  • Quantum PX 720

Drive emulation:
  • HP LTO-3
  • Quantum DLT-S4
  • Quantum SDLT320
  • Quantum SDLT600

See " Server Requirements" for more information on supported OS levels for each IBM Tivoli Storage Manager release and any limitation.

Element Addresses:
  • ELEMent=AUTODetect in the DEFINE/UPDATE DRIVE command is supported.

Related Technotes:
  • Firmware level 1.0.1 or later is recommended for EMC DL3D 1500/3000.
  • EMC DL3D 1500 firmware revision 1.0.1 used during validation with TSM 6.1.2.

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