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Compaq TSL-10000, Sony TSL DDS and Dell PowerVault 120T DDS Autoloader Configuration Information for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server

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Configuration Information for Compaq TSL-10000, Sony TSL-7000, TSL-9000, TSL-S10000, TSL-S11000 Autoloaders and Dell PowerVault 120T DDS Autoloaders


Compaq TSL-10000
Sony TSL-7000
Sony TSL-9000
Sony TSL-S10000
Sony TSL-S11000
Dell PowerVault 120T

Default Element Addresses
Drive Address
Storage Slot Addresses
Robot Address
Entry/Exit Slot Address

Loading cartridges into the magazine

1. Setting 8 cartridges into the magazine (in the numbered sequence):

This is a recommended setting. All TSM functions can be performed with this setting, i.e. label libvol, backup/archive, etc. If any cartridge is missing from 1 through 7, the magazine will be rejected by the autoloader. Slots 1 through 7 have to be loaded with data cartridges before performing any TSM functions.

Due to the unique requirement of all slots which have to be loaded in the magazine, users can do either of the following for CHECKOUT process:

a. Remove all volumes when checkouts are done. In this case, 'remove=no' should be specified to suppress the TSM prompt for removing the volume for each checkout.

b. With default 'remove=yes', users will see a prompt for each checkout. In this case, if the volume is removed immediately after each reply, another volume should be placed in the original slot. The AUDIT function is highly recommended after each swap in case cartridges are loaded into or removed from the wrong slots.

2. Setting 7 cartridges into the magazine (in the following sequence):

If any cartridge is not loaded in one of the arrangements, the magazine will be ejected. All TSM functions can be performed with this setting as well.

Same CHECKOUT process described above applies for this setting as well.

3. Setting 1 cartridge into the magazine:

The cleaning cartridge can only be placed in slot 8 or C. A data cartridge can be placed in slot 8 by itself as well. When a data cartridge is loaded, dsmlabel can be used to label the cartridge. In this case, from the control panel, load the data cartridge from slot 8 to the drive first. Then issue the dsmlabel command without the -library and -search parameters.

Example: dsmlabel -drive=<drive file name> -overwrite

** Note: Please refer to SONY TSL-11000 DDS Autoloader Unit User's Guide for detailed operations.


Due to the special layout of the magazine design, we recommend the following setting to be used:
  • Use setting 8 of data cartridges for TSM backup or archive
  • Put cleaning cartridge in its own magazine whenever cleaning is necessary.
  • Although it is possible, it is not recommended that a cleaning cartridge be placed in slot 8 with the 7 cartridge setting. Tivoli Storage Manager does not support this setting. With this setting, the cleaning cartridge will be loaded into the drive during certain TSM server commands such as LABEL LIBVOL, CHECKIN LIBVOL and AUDIT LIBRARY. Consequently, the drive will be unnecessarily cleaned.


1. These autoloaders do not have barcode reader. Barcodes are not supported.

2. Drive Cleaning can only be performed manually. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager's Drive Cleaning support does not apply to this autoloader.

3. Device identifications and firmware levels used during our validation process
    Compaq TSL-10000 ( TSM 5.3.2)
    Library : COMPAQ TSL-10000 --- Firmware : 5.02
    Drive : COMPAQ TSL-10000 --- Firmware : 5.02
    Sony TSL-11000
    Library ID : SONY TSL-11000 --- FW : U003
    Drive ID : SONY TSL-11000 --- FW : U003

Library and drive may require different minimum Tivoli Storage Manager levels. Therefore, ensure that both library and drive hardware are supported. See " Supported Devices for AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows" or " Supported Devices for Linux" for minimum supported version levels and platforms for these devices.

More information regarding device configuration is available in the Tivoli Storage Manager Administrator's Guide, which can be found in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager information center.

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