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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.5 NetWare Backup-Archive Client Known Problems and Limitations

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This document describes the known problems and limitations for the Tivoli Storage Manager V5.5 NetWare Backup-Archive Client.

Version 5.5 End-Of-Support (EOS) date is April 30, 2014.
Version 5.5 End-Of-Life (EOL) date is April 30, 2017.


Common Tivoli Storage Manager Client known problems and limitations

  • Interrupt with CTRL-C

    During a command line client operation, CTRL-C might result in a TSM client program exception or other unexpected behavior. To abort a command line client operation, use the 'Q' key instead of CTRL-C.

  • Web Client tree expansion

    When using the Web Client, the browser can crash if you do the following, using the view menu item in the backup or restore tree window:

    • Click on "Expand Entire Branch"
    • Then click on "Collapse Entire Branch"
  • Web Client font requirements for non-English file names
    • For browsers running on AIX, the browser machine must have the WorldType fonts (available as package X11.fnt.ucs.ttf - AIXwindows Unicode True Type Fonts on the AIX distribution media) installed.
  • Logfile out of space handling

    If any log file (dsmerror.log, dsmsched.log, or dsmwebcl.log) runs out of space during a session, writing to that log ceases, but other processing continues. End of processing return codes will reflect all errors and conditions, not just those we were able to log.

    To prevent this problem, set the ERRORLOGMAXSIZE (for dsmerror.log) or SCHEDLOGMAXSIZE (for dsmsched.log and dsmwebcl.log) options to limit the log size to available space. Note that using these options causes the log data that would exceed the maximum to be written at the beginning of the log, overwriting the oldest entries.

  • ERRORLOGMAX and SCHEDLOGMAX behavior in out-of-space conditions:

    If the specified maximum error log file size is greater than the available free space on the specified file system and the log is being transitioned from a non-wrapped log to a wrapped log, the following error message will be issued:

    ANS1521E Failure writing to a Tivoli Storage Manager log or log-related file:
    <LOG FILE NAME>, errno = 28, There is not enough space in the file system

    This is correct behavior. However, the log header record might be incomplete or there may be no "END OF DATA" text marker at the end of the error log. After space has been made available, the TSM client will subsequently treat the log as unwrapped because a valid header record is not found. A new log will be created and this partial log will be written to the prune file.

    If there is insufficient space in the file system to append an entry to the log, the TSM client will continue running, but the error message will not be logged.

  • If client encryption is used and you choose to abort a command line backup or archive operation when prompted for an encryption key, the entire operation will immediately end with return code (RC) 12, even if there are other files eligible for backup that do not require encryption.
  • When regional settings are updated in the Java GUI preference editor, the GUI needs to be restarted before the changes get effective.
  • Performing a backup image for a filesystem while there is a pending restore for filespace on that filesystem

    If you perform a backup image for a filesystem while there is a pending restore for filespace on that filesystem, the server displays message ANR9999D in the console.

Known Problems and Limitations specific to TSM NetWare
  • TSM Novell NetWare client is unable to backup legitimate files which contain open and closing brackets with 4 digits inside them, (for example, [1234]). This only occurs on NSS volumes when using the TSAFS.NLM. This was introduced by Novell when they changed the way the SMS inteface handles Unicode (UCS-2) format.
    With TSA5UP18, Novell has provided the following option to allow backup of files containing brackets: '/noConvertUnmappableChars'
    Read the 'README.TXT' shipped with TSA5UP18 for information on how to use this Novell NetWare Option.
  • If the NODENAME is renamed and the client is using PASSWORDACCESS GENERATE, the TSM server password which is stored locally will no longer be valid. The user will be prompted for the TSM server password (which will be re-stored locally upon authentication to the TSM server).
  • QUERY BACKUP/ARCHIVE -DETAIL command will not show correct modification dates for directories. This is limitation of TSA interface.
  • TRACEMAX and TRACESEGSIZE can corrupt TSM Trace files. It is recommended that these options not be used. This will be fixed in a future release.
  • NWSMTSScanDataSetBegin() API with non-existing file returns 0xFFFDFFC5 with TSAFS loaded and 0xFFFDFFF2 with TSA600. This difference causes the TSM client to behave differently in the same situation, depending on which TSA is loaded.
  • Error message "An error occurred while the program attempted to write to a file." or SMS Return code 0xFFFDFFB5 from NWSMTSWriteDataSet during TSM Restore/Retrieve process. This is a limitation of the TSA due to user space restrictions and/or the directory quota on the volumes. To work around the issue on NSS volumes, temporarily remove or disable these settings with the NSS command or "TSA500 /dirquota=off". NOTE: Depending on the environment the error message may be different. For example, Traditional volumes will error with an "out of disk space" or "disk full condition" message.
  • When restoring files/directories on NetWare 6.5 NWFS volumes, the trustee rights are appended to the existing trustee rights if any exist. Instead, the trustee rights should be deleted and recreated with the restore. This works correctly on NSS volumes, and only fails on NWFS (traditional) volumes. The circumvention is to delete the file before restoring it, if it resides on a NWFS volume.
  • Attempting to manually unload DSMAGENT.NLM can cause the NetWare server to crash, especially if there are active browser sessions. Normally DSMAGENT.NLM unloads itself after 20 - 25 minutes of inactivity. Therefore, it is recommended that DSMAGENT.NLM not be manually unloaded.

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