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Knowledge Collection: IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) version 11.50 Migration

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This document will help you navigate through the available information and resources related to migrating to IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) version 11.50.

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IBM Migration Toolkit (White paper)
The free-of-charge Migration Toolkit (MTK) has long been a powerful tool for moving from non-IBM databases to IBM products. In December 2005, a new version of MTK was released, and it includes a number of new capabilities. It supports two new target databases (Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) and DB2® Universal Database™ (UDB) for z/OS®), gives you the ability to migrate from Sybase SQL Anywhere, and includes support for migrating additional Oracle data types. This article highlights these new features.


You can upgrade directly to IDS version 11.50 if you are currently running IDS version:

  • 11.10
  • 10.00
  • 9.40
  • 9.30
  • 9.21
  • 7.31

You can upgrade to IDS version 11.50 from other database server versions after you upgrade to a earlier, interim version of IDS. For detailed information on migration paths see Migration Paths.

IDS version 11.50 operating system prerequisites (Product description)
Review this article about the IDS operating system prerequisites and consider updating your operating system to the latest patch level.

For patch level see machine specific notes.

Linux-Specific Enhancements (White paper)
IBM was an early supporter of Linux and continues to demonstrate technology and market leadership on this platform. Enhancing Linux environments and exploiting the Linux kernel has been an important part of the IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) version 10 and still apply for IDS version 11.50.

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What's New
For a comprehensive list of new features in IBM Informix Dynamic Server, version 11.50 , see Using New Features in Dynamic Server in the IBM Informix Dynamic Server Getting Started Guide.
(See also this Technical article on New Features and Changes).

Before upgrading to version 11.50
For information that should be collected before upgrading
to (IDS) version 11.50 review the following check list.
Remember to keep 20% of free disk space for all dbspaces.
Potential upgrade problems maybe avoided
using IDS Upgrade Best Practices.

Converting to version 11.50
Additional guidelines to help converting to IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) version 11.10 and applies to IDS version 11.50.

IDS Migration Guide
You should review the IBM Informix Migration Guide:

The IBM Informix Migration Guide is also available as a PDF file (pdf).

Release Notes
The Release Notes contain information on the most recent changes to the IBM Informix products. The documentation includes new features, backward compatibility, product compatibility, known problems, limitations, documentation updates, and installation, migration, upgrade, and configuration information.
( Knowledge Center Release Notes)

All online notes are also located in the /doc directory of the product CD. The easiest way to access the documentation notes, the release notes, and the fixed and known defects file is through the hyperlinks from the TOC notes file.

Machine Notes
The machine notes contain important information about platform-specific issues. Read the machine notes before using the product. The documentation notes, release notes, and machine notes files can be accessed via the Information Center. (See example Information Center)

Installation Guide
Review the Installation Guide before installing IDS:

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Information retrieval is significantly enhanced in the IBM Informix Dynamic Server, version 11.50. This is a continuation of version 10.0 information retrieval. A complete overview is available at: (White paper)

Documentation (Manual)
The enhanced documentation set includes:
  • Manuals in HTML and PDF format
  • Full text search throughout the HTML or PDF version of the documentation set
  • A master index in HTML and PDF format
  • Topic-based categories for specific tasks
  • Troubleshooting and support information
  • Documentation notes listed with corresponding manuals
  • Links for ordering hardcopy manuals

The Knowledge Center
The information center includes the following features:
  • Complete IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.50 and IBM Informix Client SDK (CSDK) 3.00 documentation sets
  • Manuals in HTML and PDF format
  • Full text search throughout the documentation set
  • A master index in HTML and PDF format
  • Topic-based categories for specific tasks
  • Easy navigation with a navigation tree
  • Troubleshooting and support information
  • Documentation notes listed with corresponding manuals
  • Ability to bookmark specific information
  • Product release notes

Conversion / Reversion in IDS. (Thanks and credit to Nelson R. Corcoran)
Nelson Cocoran_Template.ppt
  • Learn how conversion/reversion works
  • Learn how to perform conversion/reversion
  • Pitfalls of conversion/reversion
  • Planning for conversion

Publication Center (Manual) (zip)
The Publication Center contains a downloadable .ZIP file of the Dynamic Server, version 11.50 documentation CD-ROM.

IBM Informix Training / Education
Visit the IBM InformixTraining site:

Review the options available with the Informix section of Information Management Training:

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Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Support Site
On the IDS Support site, you can view
  • News alerts
  • FAQs
  • Redbooks
  • White papers
  • Presentations
  • Hints and tips

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Moving the sysadmin database to a new dbspace
The sysadmin database is created in the root dbspace by default. If the root dbspace does not have enough space for storing task properties and command history information, you could move the sysadmin database to a different dbspace by using the "reset sysadmin" SQL Administration API command. This command removes the sysadmin database from root dbspace and recreates it in the specified dbspace. ( Steps and Examples)

IDS Forum
IBM - IDS Developer and User Forum. Watch it and learn what Informix user community is working on.
Have a question? Post it and you will be impressed by who response.

The International Informix User Group (IIUG) web site ( supports a Forums, FAQ, a Software Archive (, and links to many areas of interest related to IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS). Membership to the IIUG is free.

Visit developerWorks (Site)
You can take advantage of IBM's technical resource for IDS developers. It offers a range of tools, code sample, education, and newsgroups to help you.

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