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How do I use IBM Data Server drivers for IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) version 11.50 , 11.70 or 12.10 ( collectively referred here as IDS version 11 ) and how do I migrate an application using the Informix client drivers to the Data Server drivers for IDS version 11 and later ?




Starting from version 9.7 IBM Data Server Drivers can now be used to connect to both DB2 and IDS version 11. The main scenarios to consider are:

Modify an existing application that connects to DB2 in order to connect to IDS version 11. Here you have an existing application which uses the DB2 Client software to connect to DB2 databases. What you want is to modify it so that it can connect to IDS version 11 as well. In this case you need to first upgrade the IBM Data Server Drivers to version 9.7 or newer and then adapt the connection parameters so that the drivers can connect to IDS version 11. You may also need to do some changes to the application code.

Modify an existing application that uses Informix Client drivers so that it can use the Data Server Drivers. You need to modify the connection parameters or strings so that the new drivers are used. You will also need to check the manuals referenced below to see if the application code requires an adjustment in order to use the new drivers. If you want to keep connecting to an Informix database you have to upgrade your Informix database server to version 11.

As a general rule, avoid upgrading the software directly on a production environment. Always allow for some time to test on a pre-production installation what actions are necessary for the upgrade, how much time it requires and if there is any unwanted side effect that you need to address before doing the same operation on a production environment.

IBM Data Server Drivers are using DRDA as a communication protocol. DRDA is implemented from IDS version 11.10 onwards. This is the reason why they cannot be used with older versions of IDS. The drivers will target several technologies. This document however is at present limited to the JDBC driver and the .NET provider.

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JDBC driver prerequisites
They can be found at the beginning of the section JDBC driver Installation. Highlights are:
  • JDK version 1.4.2 or later is required
  • JDK version 6 or later is necessary when using JDBC 4.0 functionality.
  • IDS version 11 or later is required

Databases servers .NET provider supports
See the list of database servers the IBM Data Server .NET provider can connect to.

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Differences between the Informix and the Data Server JDBC driver.
This is a valuable resource to understand what can be left as it is and what needs to be changed in order to make an application originally built to work with the Informix JDBC driver work with the Data Server Driver.

IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ Restrictions for IDS
Some restrictions you need to be aware when using the Data Server JDBC driver with IDS

JDBC driver installation
How to Install and customize the Data Server JDBC driver.

Install the Data Server Client

Migrating from IBM Informix .NET Provider
Essential information on what changes between the two providers.

Additional information about the Visual Studio plugin
Some of the most up to date information on this topic and more in general on the Data Server Client APis can be found in the DB2 Information centre.

IBM Informix Data Server Clients Download
Here you'll find links to the versions currently available for download.

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Documentation for Data Server Driver for JDBC
This is the complete documentation set in order to use the JDBC driver with IDS version 11

Documentation for Data Server Provider for .NET
This is the complete documentation set in order to use the .NET provider with IDS version 11

IBM Informix Developer's Handbook (Type : RedBook )
Learn more about Informix application development using the various APIs available, including JDBC.

IBM training (Type : Web page)
Search for training on specific products and look what certifications are available. You can search for courses worldwide and have country specific information by selecting your own country from the list in the page.

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JDBC : Problem diagnose How to troubleshoot the JDBC driver using the trace facility

.NET: enable tracing through the use of an environment variable.

Informix Support Site
On the Informix Support site, you can view
  • News alerts
  • FAQs
  • Redbooks
  • White papers
  • Presentations
  • Hints and tips

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Unleash the new Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby client and Developer solutions for IDS version 11 (Type: Forum) This is the forum dedicated to the new Common Clients for IDS version 11

The International Informix User Group (IIUG) web site supports a Forums, FAQ, a Software Archive , and links to many areas of interest related to IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) and the related client software and tools. Membership to the IIUG is free.

Visit developerWorks (Site)
You can take advantage of IBM's technical resource for Informix developers. It offers a range of tools, code sample, education, and newsgroups to help you.

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