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How can I set the defaults for a Sametime® Connect client 7.5.x automatically?



The Sametime global install handler, part of the Sametime platform, supports the provisioning of plug-in preferences using the global plugin_customization.ini file. Administrators can create a new feature which contains the plugin_customization.ini file they want, as well as a file, which is included with the sample. The file specifies the location of the plug-in preferences file, other properties, and a plugin_customization.ini file which contains the customized preferences.

The feature should then be posted on an update site for the clients to download. When a new client logs in, it finds the new plugin customization feature and downloads it, and merges the contents of the plugin_customization.ini with the existing one. The client is then restarted, and the new preferences are read. The client will never download the feature again since it has already been installed. Every time the client starts, the plugin_customization.ini preferences are read.

The feature ID of a feature that provisions plug-in preferences is not important; you should rename the feature to something more meaningful (for example com.acme.sametime.prefs_1.0.0). Note that you must increment the feature's version number when any changes are made to the plugin_customization and you want the clients to download the new updated version of the feature.

The feature below is a sample feature which provides an example of how to accomplish this.


The instructions below explain how an administrator can provision customized preferences using the sample feature below.
  1. Unzip the jar file.

  2. Modify or replace the plugin_customization.ini file so that it contains the desired plug-in preferences. Reference Technote #1264766 for the supported preferences list. These are the only supported preferences that can be set using this method.

  3. If this is not the first time provisioning this feature, increment the feature version of the jar file.

  4. Repackage the feature. Make sure the version in the feature.xml and site.xml reference the correct version of the file.

  5. You can deploy the plug-in using any of the methods listed in Technote #1256320. Alternatively, the plugin_customization.ini file can be manually placed in the Sametime Connect client's install directory.


When users download the feature, the plugin_customization.ini file in their installation directory will be changed.

Customizable preferences

See Technote #1264766 .

Mixed environments

The plugin_customization is only supported on 7.5.1 or newer clients. If a plugin_customization.ini is to be provisioned in a mixed environment (7.5 and 7.5.1 clients) the 7.5 clients will fail to download the feature and the following exception will appear:
    Unable to create custom install handler for feature ""

Because of this error, other features found on the update site will not be downloaded by 7.5 either. To avoid this error, the feature used to provision plug-in customizations should declare a dependency on an existing feature in 7.5.1 like so:

      <import   feature= ""
  version= "7.5.1"   match= "equivalent" />

Even with the above fix, the 7.5 client will not be capable of downloading plug-ins if any single plug-in on the update site is not suited for the 7.5 client. This is a limitation of 7.5 which has been fixed in 7.5.1.

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