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Sametime 'Sharing Your Screen...' frame is grayed out, Whiteboard does Not load, Participant list is empty and A/V does not work

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You are able to successfully join a Lotus Sametime meeting and chat with other participants, however, once in the meeting, you experience the following issues:

1. Screen sharing options are greyed out (disabled).
2. The Whiteboard does not load; it is greyed out and says "loading page".
3. Users joining meetings do not see other participants.
4. No audio or video in the meeting and the meeting's status will show no attempts to connect to audio or video.

Sample of java console below showing no connections attempted

08/24 6:47:44.877 STPacketHandlerInput: I/O not received in 60000ms
08/24 6:47:44.877 OutputStreamImpl: OutputStreamImpl.close()
08/24 6:47:44.877 DirectSocketBase: closeOutputStream()
- 08/24 6:47:44.893 STPacketHandlerInput: Stream closed.
- Stream closed. Stream closed.

5. With McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® running on the same machine as Sametime 7.5, the meeting room client does not load completely. The user attempts to attend a meeting and sees a status of Connecting for several minutes then is presented with the message, "Disconnected From the Meeting. You have been disconnected from the server...". The output of the Java console includes:
    AWT-EventQueue-3 STStatusServiceProvider Status Service: Connection failed,; 5,000 ms; DIRECT
    AWT-EventQueue-3 ActivityController statusEvent; 30,000 ms; HYBRID,
    AWT-EventQueue-3 STStatusServiceProvider Status Service: Disconnected From the Meeting, You have been disconnected from the server. Community: Cannot connect to server.
    AWT-EventQueue-3 MeetingController Logged Out: reason = ST_CONNECT_CANNOT_CONNECT(8000020d): Community: Cannot connect to server.


Possible causes of this issue:

1. McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® service
Refer to the technote titled "Possible port conflict with McAfee ePolicy framework" (#1246857) for additional information on this issue.
Several customers who experienced these issues disabled the ePolicy Orchestrator service, rebooted the server, and the issues no longer occurred. Disabling ePolicy Orchestrator should allow Sametime to use port 8081.

Note: EPO Mcafee agent is another name for ePolicy Orchestrator. It is now a part of McAfee Framework Service and is installed as a service. Once this was disabled, Sametime meeting services may work correctly. It is possible to remove just the EPO McAfee Agent and keep the frameworks services up and running. The command line is:

frminst.exe /Remove=Agent (this command is case sensitive)

Additional information
The Agent Wake Up Call default port can be changed from 8081 (to 8881, for example) via the Network Associates ePO 2.5 Administration Console. Once this port change is made the Agents will reconfigure themselves the next time they connect to the server, which by default is scheduled to occur every 60 minutes.

Administrators can run on a Windows OS the NETSTAT -ANB to see if there is a port conflict.
Make sure Sametime is not started and then execute the DOS command to see if 8081 is listening.
You will also be able to see what application is using the port.

2. McAfee Netshield
In another case, a customer disabled McAfee Netshield and the issues no longer occurred.

3. Server Name Change

Excerpt from the Java console:

    ActivityController: addActivityFailed, reason = -2147483635

This translates to:
    0x8000000D ST_SERVICE_NONAVAIL The requested service is not supported

To resolve the issue, add the following value in the sametime.ini file's [CONNECTIVITY] section:
    (where is your new Fully Qualified Host Name)

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Software version: 7.0, 7.5, 7.5.1,,, 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.5, 8.5.1

Operating system(s): Windows

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Modified date: 22 August 2017

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