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Guide to the Notes/Domino Out of Office. Part 4: Out of Office in Domino Web Access (iNotes)

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This document, the final of a series of four, describes the Out of Office feature with respect to the Domino Web Access (formerly iNotes Web Access) client, outlining the basic differences between using the feature when in the Notes client as opposed to a Web browser.


UPDATE: This Series' focus is on features included in older versions of Domino. For the latest information on both the Out of Office Service and the Out of Office Agent. Please see the following link and links to the Technotes and Wiki articles linked within:
Guide to the Notes/Domino Out of Office Functionality
Part 1 - Out of Office Design and Features
Part 2 - ACL Access Level and its impact on the Out of Office behavior
Part 3 - Configuration of the Out of Office
Part 4 - this document

About Domino Web Access (formerly iNotes Web Access):
The Domino Web Access client was introduced as iNotes Web Access with the release of Notes/Domino version 5.0.5. With the Notes/Domino 6.0.3 and 6.5 release, the name changed to Domino Web Access. The goal of the client is to provide a more robust mail and calendar interface when using a Web browser, one that looks more like the Notes client than the Web features previously available in the Notes R5 mail template (known as "Web Mail").

In the initial 5.0.5 release, users have to enable the Out of Office from within a Notes client. Starting with version 5.0.8, users are given the ability to enable the Out of Office using a Web browser in the native Domino Web Access interface. By default, this Web-enabled Out of Office agent does not reply to Internet mail.

The Domino Web Access client pulls its design from two unique templates:
--a mail template (file name inotes5.ntf or inotes6.ntf)
--the "forms" template (file name forms5.nsf or forms6.nsf)

These two templates together create the Domino Web Access database design. Also, many of the design elements in the iNotes templates are inherited from the standard or extended Notes mail template.

Where to find the Domino Web Access Out of Office feature:
If you are using the Domino Web Access template from within a Notes client, you enable and disable the Out of Office functionality the same as you would for a standard Notes mail template. Those steps can be found in Part 1 of this series.

If you are accessing Domino Web Access using a Web browser, you find the Out of Office choices by selecting Preferences -> Work Hours -> "Out of Office" -> "Settings."

Screenshot of Out of Office settings:

If your Domino Web Access client is based on the iNotes6.ntf template (available in 6.0.2 and later releases), you can also access the Out of Office functionality from the Tools button of the action bar.

Differences in Out of Office between the Notes Client and Domino Web Access client:

Agent name
There were two separate Out of Office agents from 5.0.8 to 6.0.2 as follows:

    -- OutOfOffice agent for the Notes client
    -- iwa_OutOfOffice agent for Domino Web Access client. The agent is visible only in Domino Designer after you enable it using a Domino Web Access client
Beginning with 6.0.3 and 6.5, both clients use the OutOfOffice agent. And, similar to the way Out of Office works for Notes clients with Editor access to the mail file, Domino Web Access submits a request to AdminP to enable or disable the Out of Office "on behalf of" the Web user using a ToggleOutOfOffice agent.

Access settings
Because the Domino Web Access client is accessed using a Web browser, you must also configure the mail database ACL setting "Maximum Internet Name and Password" to at least Editor for any user who will use the Domino Web Access client.

Enabling the Out of Office
As of 6.0.3 and 6.5, because both clients use the same agent, it is possible to use either client to enable or disable the Out of Office functionality. However, it is a best practice to use the same client, either always the Notes client or always the Domino Web Access client, to both enable and disable the Out of Office.

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