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Is it possible to access SharePoint data from Notes?

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Can I access SharePoint data from the Notes File Attach dialog or the Attachment Save dialog ?


Yes. On Windows access to SharePoint data from Notes is possible using Network Places. Network Places give easy access to shared folders that you access often.

Notes can access SharePoint Document Libraries in much the same way that it accesses the Windows File System. It uses the same Windows dialog box to browse to a location for attaching documents and saving attachments. To access SharePoint Document Libraries in this manner, you must first set up a Network Place that points to your SharePoint Document Library. This is very much like mapping a drive to a network file share. Once the Network Place is created, you will be able to browse to it using the File -> Attach... or Save... dialog box. You can also browse to it from other Notes file dialogs such as when importing or exporting files.

To create a Network Place on Windows XP
Click the "Start" button; then, click the menu item labeled "My Network Places".

Selecting My Network Places will show your current Network Places

In the left-hand sidebar of the My Network Places window, click "Add a network place".

This will bring up the Add Network Place Wizard...

Click Next...

Select "Choose another network location" and hit Next. You will see the following dialog...

Enter the location of the Sharepoint Document Library. The simplest way to enter a target location that will consistently work in Windows is to use the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) format rather than a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). UNC targets use the format \\server\share\file_path. URLs are used to access internet addresses (e.g.,, or

Type in something like \\servername\personal\administrator\Shared Documents
or you can use the ip address \\\personal\administrator\Shared Documents

To use URLs

You can alternatively enter URL targets, but you may have to modify the URL slightly.

The above dialog box will convert most URLs that are entered into the UNC format when the Network Place target is created, so that Windows can access the target.

For example:http://server2003/personal/administrator is converted to \\server2003\personal\administrator\

Note: If for some reason your url to your SharePoint Document Library contains encoded characters such as "%20" for a space, this url will not be converted to a UNC target and will not work. Replace the encoded character with the actual character before creating the Network Place.

For example:http://server2003/personal/administrator/Shared%20Documents should be changed to http://server2003/personal/administrator/Shared Documents

Network Places created in Microsoft Word or other Office Products

Microsoft Office 2003 applications have their own Add Network Place Wizard which requires entry of URLs and creates Network Places with URL based targets. Office 2003 uses a proprietary dialog box which allows it to access these non-standard Network Places. It also allows it to have a HTML-based graphical user interface for displaying the SharePoint data. Other Windows applications including Notes does not have this user interface as they use the standard File Open dialog. Notes uses this dialog for creating attachments and detaching attachments. Unlike Office 2003, Office 2007 does not create URL based Network places. This allows Notes and other Windows applications to use the Network Places it creates.

This leads some people to believe that Notes has problems accessing SharePoint Document Libraries. When in reality, if you use the method described above you will not have a problem.

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