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Is there a setting in Lotus Notes to control whether a return receipt is sent?

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When you open a message for which the sender has requested a return receipt, you want to control whether or not the return receipt is sent. Is there a setting in the Lotus Notes client to accomplish this?


This functionality does not exist in Notes. An enhancement request was submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR# PTRI5DVNZM; however, there are no plans to add this functionality at this time. Allowing individual cancelation of return receipt violates the intent of a return receipt function within an organization.

If the intent of controlling return receipts is to stop spammers from obtaining e-mails within a company, then this control can be attained by changing the "Return receipts" for MIME setting, shown below, on the Lotus Domino server. This setting, which must be set by the administrator, blocks all return receipt from messages sent from an external address.

In the Configuration Settings > MIME tab > Conversion Options tab > General tab, set "Return receipts" as Enabled or Disabled to affect how return receipts go to and from the Internet. For more information, refer to the Domino Administrator Information Center topic "Enabling Domino to process return receipts for SMTP messages."

Screen capture of Configuration settings:

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