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Using the LinkAttach Tool version 1.6

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This download contains the LinkAttach Tool v1.6 that can be used to detect and identify problem documents in databases that have files attached with broken links to the Body field.

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This tool will detect and identify problem documents in a database which have files attached with broken links to the Body field. It does this by scanning through all of the CD records in a given rich text field. The tool can be set to run on a specific form or look at a specific field with command line parameters. The defaults are for the Memo and Reply forms and the Body field. This tool is supported for double-byte character sets as well. The syntax for using the LinkAttach tool is described below: LinkAttach filename options filename - The filename of the database to be processed. If a database is on the server such as a mail database, the syntax is: Servername!!database.nsf options - As follows: -o=formname Set the form name to be processed (The default is "Memo" form) -i=fieldname Set the field name to be processed (The default is "Body" form) -a Process all documents in the database (This option will override the -o option.) -d Generate console output from mail messages with Subject, From, and Date fields Without -d, NoteId will be logged Note: This option will be ignored if a specific form is set for processing. Example: * Database on local C:\Notes\Data>linkattach.exe C:\Notes\Data\mail\mail.nsf -d * Database on server C:Notes\Data>linkattach.exe servername!!database.nsf -d Here is sample output from the tool run against an example database: C:\Notes\Data>linkattach.exe servername!!mail\mail.nsf -d LinkAttach version 1.6 Sep 20 2005 Using selection formula (Form = "Memo" : "Reply")... Processing the Body field for 2 entries... Found hidden file (Type: Empty Hotspot; Subject: This is a test mail; From: Admin Domino/Support; Date: 2005/06/02 18:23:17; Field DupID #0; CD Record #30; File: test1.txt)!! Found hidden file (Type: Nested Hotspot; Subject: This is a sample; From: Admin Domino/Support; Date: 2005/05/03 19:19:29; Field DupID #0; CD Record #35; File: test2.xls)!! Finished running LinkAttach. Supporting Information: For related information, refer to the technote titled "Attached Files Can Be Orphaned When Added to Documents by Drag and Drop" (#1216845).


The LinkAttach tool can be run with any version of Notes 6.x, 6.5x, or 7.0. The tool needs to be run from a Windows client, but can be pointed at any server.

Installation Instructions

To install the tool, users should extract the LinkAttach.exe file to their Notes program directory.

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LinkAttach Tool version 1.6 9/30/2005 English 23413 FTP

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Software version: 6.0, 6.5, 7.0

Operating system(s): Windows, iOS

Reference #: 4010418

Modified date: 04 October 2005