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Limitations and restrictions for Lotus Notes Traveler 8.0.1

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Following are the known restrictions and limitations for Lotus Notes® Traveler 8.0.1.



Problem Details
E-mail deleted on the mobile device does not display in the "Deleted Items" (Trash) folder on the device. Items are deleted immediately on the mobile device. They are not moved to a trash folder on the device.

E-mail received with "Please reply by" date does not display with to-do items.
When an e-mail is sent with the "Please reply by" option, it appears in both the recipient's inbox and their to-do list on the Notes client. On the Lotus Notes Traveler client, it only appears in the inbox.

Cancelling a draft e-mail also deletes previous drafts
Selecting “Menu – Cancel Message” to discard a draft e-mail will also remove previously saved drafts from both the client and the server.
Messages moved to a subfolder under Inbox, Drafts, or Outbox are not displayed. The Microsoft® Windows® Mobile client allows for the creation of subfolders in the Inbox, Drafts, and Outbox folders, but the Lotus® Domino® mail system does not. If the user creates such a subfolder on the device, the subfolder will not be sent to the Domino server, and the user will be notified of this event.

If the user moves e-mail into the Drafts or Outbox folders from the Inbox or other folders, such changes will be undone, and the user notified. The exception to this is that mail in the Drafts folder is allowed to move to the Outbox on the device, which then sends the mail.
Soft reset may cause e-mail refresh sync Performing a soft reset of the client device may cause the e-mail to synchronize with the server and refresh.
Rich Text is not supported The Lotus Notes Traveler client does not support Rich Text in e-mail.
Encryption is not supported The Lotus Notes Traveler client does not support e-mail encryption.
“Retrieve Full Email” is not available for Drafts E-mail in a Draft state cannot be retrieved using the “Retrieve Full Email” action.

Calendar filtering does not apply to individual instances of recurring meetings and appointments. If a recurring meeting includes some instances that match the criteria of the Calendar filter and some that do not, all of the meeting instances will be synchronized to the device.
ROOM and RESOURCE fields from calendar meetings in Domino are not synchronized to the device. The ROOM and RESOURCE fields are not supported on the Windows Mobile native device calendars.
“Delegate” and “Propose new time” are not supported. The “Delegate” and “Propose” Notes calendar actions are not supported for the Lotus Notes Traveler device.
Microsoft Windows Mobile calendar application may not send decline notice. Some versions of the Microsoft Windows Mobile calendar application do not support sending a decline notice to the meeting organizer when a participant deletes the meeting from their device calendar. A decline notice is not sent by the calendar application unless it displays a message specifically asking if the participant wants to notify the organizer of the decline.
Meeting notices deleted from mobile device by participant still appear in meeting participant's “All Meetings” view. When a calendar event is deleted from the device, the Domino server removes the meeting notice from the calendar view, however, the meeting notice still appears in the “All Meetings” view.
Multiple instances of repeating calendar events in Lotus Notes that occur within the same day is not supported. If a repeating calendar event contains multiple instances for the same day and in the same time zone that the event occurs, only one of the instances for that day is sent to the mobile device. Windows Mobile does not support multiple instances of a repeating calendar event on the same day, with respect to the device's time zone.
Unable to change repeat rule for a calendar entry after it is created. Lotus Notes does not allow you to change the repeat rule for a calendar entry after it has been created. For example, you cannot change from a weekly to a daily repeat, or between non-repeating and repeating.
Not all instances of a repeating meeting display. If the user creates an infinite event from the device, the Traveler server will truncate the event to either 10 instances if there is a yearly repeat rule, or 250 instances otherwise.

Calendar entries past the year 2034, on both the device and server, are not synchronized.
Unable to specify all options for Chair invitation, including adding/removing attendees on Smartphone. This is a Windows Smartphone device software limitation. Windows Mobile Professional supports all functionality.

Unable to change the repeat rule for a To-do item after it is created. Lotus Notes does not allow you to change the repeat rule for a task after it has been created. For example, you cannot change from a weekly to a daily repeat, or between non-repeating and repeating.
Unable to assign Group To-do Group tasks cannot be assigned; this is a limitation of the Windows device software.
Start date is missing from To-do entry Both “Start” and “Due Date” are required fields for tasks. If you have a Start date but no Due Date, the Start date will be lost.
Deleting an instance of a recurring task on the device does not propagate to server For Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 users only, if a user deletes a single instance of a recurring task, the deletion is not propagated to the server. This is a software limitation in Windows Mobile 5 which has been corrected in Windows Mobile 6.

Contacts stored on a SIM card do not synchronize. Contacts stored on a SIM card are not synchronized by Lotus Notes Traveler; only contacts located in Microsoft Pocket Outlook's contact database are synchronized with the server.
Lotus Notes Traveler does not read or modify data on a SIM card directly. In order to synchronize contacts on a SIM card, certain phones include an application that allows the user to copy between their SIM card and Pocket Outlook's contact database. If the SIM contacts are copied to Pocket Outlook's contact database, they will be synchronized with the server mail file using Lotus Notes Traveler.
Names in Call History lost during initial or replace data Contact sync Microsoft stores call history information in a hidden field in the Contact Store. This hidden information is lost during an initial or replace data Contact sync. Subsequent syncs should not affect the call history. In all syncs, the phone number is retained in the call history, it is only the corresponding names that are lost.

Unable to create journal entry using a Windows Mobile 6 standard (smartphone). This is a Windows device software limitation.
“Voice Notes” cannot be synchronized. Voice Notes is a separate application, and cannot be synched to the Lotus Notes Traveler client device.

Self-signed certificates do not work with Lotus Notes Traveler clients 801 or 8011.

Support for self-signed certificates has been added to the Lotus Notes Traveler client 8012 and later.
Only valid signed SSL certificates provided by certificate authority are supported by the Lotus Notes Traveler 801 and 8011 clients.

This restriction has been removed for Lotus Notes Traveler 8012 and later clients.

Policy settings are not being transferred to the device. Lotus Notes Traveler Policy support requires that the user's mailfile reside on a Domino 8.0.1 server. Lotus Notes Traveler Policy is not supported with any previous version of the Domino server.


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