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Adding a standard disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Domino 6.x and earlier releases

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How can a standard disclaimer be added to all outgoing SMTP messages in Lotus Domino 6.x releases?


In Domino 6.x and earlier releases, there is no centralized and controlled way to add a standard disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages with the native code. Domino 7 and later releases now support message disclaimers. For more information, refer to the article, "Using message disclaimers in Lotus Notes/Domino 7."


The following workarounds are available for Domino 6 and earlier releases.

Workaround #1:
Use the "Signature" feature in the 5.x/6.x mail file. From the Tools menu, choose Preferences --> Mail and Signature tabs.

Workaround #2:
Use a third-party tool such as MIMESWEEP or another virus scan tool. Most of these tools have a feature to add a standard disclaimer to all routed mails.

Workaround #3:
Change the design of the memo form in the file on the mail server.

Warning: In the event that a future IBM support incident is opened, be aware that making customizations to the standard Domino templates result in an unsupported configuration. The first step in a support incident that involves customized templates is to revert to the standard templates and attempt again to reproduce the problem.

This form can be changed in much the same way as the MTA FORMS database used by Domino 4.x SMTP MTA. The mailbox.ntf file is used as the design template when the router creates the file. By changing the memo form, the disclaimer text is added to ALL messages when the router does a CD-MIME conversion. In order for this to work, the end user's Location Document must use Notes Rich Text Format.

To add text to the body of all outgoing SMTP mail, do the following:

1. In Domino Designer, open the template (mailbox.ntf).
2. Open the memo form.
3. Highlight the Body field at the bottom of the form.
4. Copy and paste this field onto the next line. You now have an additional body field named Body_1.
5. Change the name of this field to something appropriate, such as Disclaimer. Make sure the Disclaimer field is on a line of its own.
6. Click the new field to select the default value. In the pane on the lower right, type the disclaimer text in quotes that will go out with every SMTP e-mail.
7. Click the green arrow button to enter the text.
8. Escape and save the form.
9. Replace the design of the file on the server with the modified template.

Workaround #4:
This workaround describes how to achieve disclaimers only on outbound SMTP mail messages in a total 5.x/6.x environment or a mixed 4.x client/5.x or a mixed 4.x/6.x environment. The following configuration must be in place:

  • Since the 5.x/6.x client can generate native MIME, by setting the "Format for messages addressed to internet addresses" field in the Location Document --> Mail tab to "Notes Rich Text Format", the mail message created is forced to CD format.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Configuring a 5.x/6.x client to send CD to the Internet instead of MIME will result in reduced message fidelity and decreased messaging performance because the SMTP servers now must perform additional message conversions. The ability to add a disclaimer should be weighed against this.
  • If a Notes 4.x client is being used, set the field "Format preference for incoming mail" to "Prefers Notes Rich Text" in the Person Document.
  • Since the 5.x/6.x SMTP server will convert the message from CD format to MIME, modify the memo form in the mailbox.ntf template on the 5.x/6.x SMTP server only.

In order for Workaround #4 to work, it is important that the message arrive at the SMTP server (the server making the connection to the Internet) in a Notes CD record format. Therefore, it is necessary to modify only the 5.x/6.x SMTP server's memo form in the mailbox.ntf template. This method provides the same level of disclaimer support as the 4.x SMTP MTA. Investigation on how to provide disclaimer capabilities in a native MIME environment was reported to Quality Engineering.

Additional tips for Workaround #4:
  • When refreshing the template on the file, you must first have manager rights.
  • When entering the disclaimer text into the new Body field, be sure to add a few blank lines before you start the disclaimer. If you don't, there will be no space between the actual body of your message and the disclaimer text.

NOTE: When implementing S/MIME in Notes, the disclaimer will not appear in the message.

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