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Domino Document Manager Activity Logs do not show CheckOut activities

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The Activity Log for a Lotus Domino Document Manager library does not show checkout activities, only check-in activities. You expect to see all activity for the document.

In Lotus Domino.Doc 3.x, the Activity Log does show both checkout and check-in activities.


This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering and can be addressed using the fix below. This behavior occurs because a line of code is either missing or incorrect in the File Cabinet template.

Note: These steps assume you are familiar with using the Lotus Domino Designer and application development. Be sure to make a backup of your template before making any changes.

Steps to apply the test fix for Domino Document Manager 6.5.1:

1. Open the File Cabinet template (filecab.ntf) in the Domino Designer client.

2. Go to the Script Library and open the Document2 library.

3. Navigate to the Declarations Section. Do a find on "bCreateCODoc" to locate the proper area in the code (the Function is named CheckOut). Add the line "Call LogActivity Entry..." shown in blue text and also marked with asterisks (*) below.

Function CheckOut(bCreateCODoc As Integer) As NotesDocument
' If this is a new document created via ODMA this is already a WIP

' version and we don't need to create one.
     If m_IsWIP Then
          Set docWIP = m_doc
               ' Create a "stub" document so it can be found by browsing/searching
               ' Logging the activity entry first will make the entries match on the wip version
          Call LogActivityEntry(ActLogCheckOutText(m_user), True)
          Set docWIP = CreateWIPVersion(True, False, False)
     End If

4. To apply the change and update the design of existing file cabinet databases, execute the command 'load design' on the Domino server console.

Steps to apply the test fix for Domino Document Manager 7.0:

For Domino Document Manager 7.0, the line is present but has an incorrect value. Use Steps 1 through 3 above to navigate to the correct part of the code. Then change the following line from

    Call LogActivityEntry(ActLogCheckOutText(m_user), False)


    Call LogActivityEntry(ActLogCheckOutText(m_user), True)

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Lotus Domino Document Manager

Software version: 6.5.1, 7.0

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Reference #: 1180735

Modified date: 07 April 2006

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