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Domino 8.5 for i: What's new in this release?

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Learn about changes in this new release of Domino 8.5 for i.


In addition to the new Notes and Domino features described in the Domino 8.5 Administrator Help - Information Center, refer below for more information about each of these topics.

  • Domino release, Resource and Product IDs and Product directory
  • Java version upgrade
  • Domino now available on DVD
  • IBM Tivoli License Manager (ITLM)
  • RUNDOMCMD command
  • RMEVal and Java - J9 and "classic"
  • BRMS & Tx Logging enhancement
  • New actions on WRKDOMSVR command
  • SHOW STATISTIC Server.Version.Architecture
  • DataDirect ODBC Driver
Domino release, Resource and Product IDs and Product directory
Domino is installed on IBM i using the following Resource IDs which are different from the Passport Advantage product ID. Use the DSPSFWRSC command to display installed software on IBM i.

Domino Release Resource ID Product ID Product Directory
8.5.2 5733L85 5724Z10, 5724Z14 /qibm/proddata/lotus/domino852
8.5.1 5733L85 5724Z10, 5724Z14 /qibm/proddata/lotus/domino851
8.5 5733L85 5724E62 /qibm/proddata/lotus/domino850
8.0.1 5733LD8 5724E62 /qibm/proddata/lotus/domino801
7.0.2 5733LD7 5724E62 /qibm/proddata/lotus/domino702
6.5.5 5733L65 5724E70 /qibm/proddata/lotus/domino655

Java version upgrade
Domino 8.5 is upgraded to use Java version 6. By default, Domino 8.5.0 for i uses Java version 6 (J9, 32-bit) and requires the following product option depending on your operating system release.

i 5.4: 5722JV1 Option 11 Java Developer Kit (text on i 5.4 DSPSFWRSC panel)
i 6.1: 5761JV1 Option 11 Java SE 6 32 bit (text on i 6.1 DSPSFWRSC panel)

An informational message is sent during Domino product installallation if the required Java option is missing. You can install Domino and then install the required Java option.
Refer to the Software Requirements technical document for information on required Java product options. Refer to Domino for i (i5/OS): What system fixes are required? for the latest information on required system PTFs.

5761JV1 Option 11 is available with the IBM i 6.1 media. 5722-JV1 Option 11 is available as orderable media in PTF SI30432 from Fix Central. Alternatively, you may contact your IBM Service Provider and order PTF SI30432 on media.

Note: Optionally you can specify JavaUseClassicJVM=1 in the notes.ini to override the default Java SE 6 32-bit JVM and use "classic". If using the "classic", 57xxJV1 Option 10 must be installed or a JVM load failure will occur.

Domino now available on DVD
For those who install from physical media, Domino 8.5 is now contained on a single DVD. The install operation is unchanged - run setup.exe or LODRUN from command entry display - except that there is no longer a need to switch discs during the process.

IBM Tivoli License Manager (ITLM)
Domino 8.5 supports license monitoring by IBM Tivoli License Manager 2.2 and from IBM License Metric Tool 7.1 to make the management of your license entitlements easy.

For more information about any of these products, refer to the following URLs:

Starting with Domino 8.5, the COMPACT program is multi-threaded and must be run in *BATCH mode. Specify BATCH(*YES) ALWMLTTHD(*YES) on the RUNDOMCMD.

Running the COMPACT program can be used to upgrade databases to a new ODS level. For example, the following procedure can be used to upgrade a Domino 8.5 server's databases to ODS level 51.

1. Update notes.ini to contain: Create_R85_Databases=1

2. Run the following command with the server *ENDED to convert all existing server NSFs to ODS 51:

RUNDOMCMD SERVER(<server-name>)

Refer to the topic Including a database in attachment consolidation in the IBM Lotus Domino Administrator Help for more information about ODS.

RMEVal and Java compatibility
RMEVal runs only with Java SE 6 32 bit (J9) - Option 11; it is not supported with the "classic" Java option 10.

BRMS & Tx Logging enhancement
Domino 8.5 is enhanced to allow database incremental restore to a database using a different replica ID. Refer to the BRMS Web site for details and other information on backup and recovery of Lotus Domino servers.

New actions on WRKDOMSVR command
See details regarding new serviceability options available with WRKDOMSVR F23 in the following document:

SHOW STATISTIC Server.Version.Architecture
The output from the Domino console command is updated to report that the Domino for i sever version architecture is 128-bit, as follows:
    > SHOW STATISTIC Server.Version.Architecture

    Server.Version.Architecture = 128 Bit
    1 statistics found

In prior releases, this statistic was incorrectly reporting 32- Bit for IBM i. While IBM i runs on 64-bit hardware, it is architected for 128-bit addressability. For more information, see:

DataDirect ODBC Driver
Starting with Domino 7 and Domino 6.5.3, the Lotus Branded DataDirect Connect for ODBC wire protocol drivers are installed by the Domino installation program to the directory:

/QIBM/ProdData/Lotus/ DOMINOxxx/EITODBC/

where DOMINOxxx is the directory corresponding to the release of Domino (for example, DOMINO850 for Domino 8.5).

The drivers are updated to version 5.3 FP1 with Domino 8.5.

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