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Domino for i - Hardware requirements

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Supported hardware for IBM Lotus Domino for i.


Use this information as a general guideline. The requirements for your environment may be different. Use the IBM Systems Workload Estimator for sizing IBM Power Systems for Domino. The Estimator is available at the following Web site:

The following IBM Power® Systems, System i, eServer and iSeries models are supported to run IBM Lotus Domino.  IBM Power Systems unify IBM's integrated platform, IBM System i™, with its UNIX operating system platform, IBM System p™.  For more information see:

System models
The following models are supported:
  • IBM Power™ 520 Express and above
  • System i 9407-515, 9406-520, 9406-525 and above
  • System i 9405-520 Express models and 9406-520 Value models WITH accelerator processor feature
  • eServer i5 520-0901 and above
  • iSeries 800-2464 and above, 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 870 or 890

The following models are NOT supported:
  • System i 9405-520 Express and System i 9406-520 Value models WITHOUT accelerator processor feature
  • eServer i5 520-0900
  • iSeries 270, 800-2463

Memory requirements
  • 512 MB or more minimum
  • 512 MB or more per Domino server

Disk requirements
  • 2GB of free space minimum
  • 4 or more drives recommended

Note: Although a Domino server can run on any POWER systems, the iSeries and System i server models are optimized for client/server applications such as Domino.  iSeries 270, 800-2464, 810-2465, and eServer i5 520-0901 and 520-0902 are recommended for Notes client-based mail or light applications only, not for iNotes (Web-based mail). Partial processor models may not be suitable for compute-intensive applications;  IBM eServer i5 520-0903 or higher are recommended for CPU-intensive workloads.

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Software version: 8.5, 8.5.1, 8.5.2, 8.5.3

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Modified date: 20 August 2010

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