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Download the Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator Tool version 1.5

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Download the IBM Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator (DAOS Estimator), a tool for planning the roll-out of DAOS on the Domino 8.5 server.

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The IBM Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) was introduced in Domino 8.5 to help minimize redundant file attachments by utilizing a separate repository on the Lotus Domino server for attachments.

The DAOS Estimator (daosest) is a tool for planning the roll-out of DAOS on the Domino 8.5 server. The tool iterates through all the requested databases, scanning for documents with attachments. It keeps a list of all the attachments so it can estimate savings based on duplicate attachments found both within a database and across all databases.

Version 1.5 of the DAOS Estimator Tool was released on November 3, 2009. The new release of the estimator vastly decreases the time it takes to analyze large systems. In order to achieve the fastest runs over large sets of data, the following procedure is recommended.

  1. Organize the databases that you would like to analyze into smaller subsets. If you have multiple directories for your databases then that is a good way to break them up. Otherwise you can create .ind files containing the database paths/names to analyze.
  2. Run multiple instances of the DAOS Estimator against the databases. Use .ind files with the -i option to pass the name of each ind file or run one instance against each subdirectory. Use the -c option to output the data to a .csv file to be analyzed later. This allows the scanning of the databases and the collection of the data to be multi-threaded.
  3. Create an .ind file containing the names of the previously created .csv files. (Note: make sure the are carriage returns at the end of each line)
  4. Run daosest -a <file.ind> to analyze all the data together. You can also use the -o option to write the result to an output file.

Note that steps 3 and 4 can be done on any machine, any platform. For example, you can generate the data on AIX64 and analyze it on W32.

See the documentation for more information.


The DAOS Estimator tool was built using the public Lotus Domino SDK. Therefore, it may be run against any version of the Domino Server. It has been tested against Domino Release 6 and later.

Installation Instructions

The DAOS Estimator (daosest) tool is delivered as a single, platform-specific executable that may be run against any version of the Domino Server Release 6 and later.

Follow these steps to download the DAOS Estimator tool:

  1. Review the Licence Agreement for Lotus Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator. You will be prompted to indicate that you have read and agree to this licence agreement when you start the download.
  2. Download daosest for the appropriate OS of your Domino server by clicking the corresponding OS FTP download option in the following Download package table.

Follow these steps to install the DAOS Estimator tool:
  1. For System i (OS/400), refer to document 7015216, "Installation instructions for the DAOS Estimator Tool for the System i (OS/400)"
  2. For UNIX, refer to document 7015217, "Installation instructions for UNIX versions of DAOS Estimator Tool"
  3. For all other platforms, place a copy of the downloaded file in the Domino executable directory on the server
  4. On some platforms, you may need to set the proper permission to allow the file to be run.

For additional information on using DAOS Estimator, review the documentation, " Using the Lotus Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator tool."

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
daosest 1.5 for AIX 11/03/2009 US English 63399 FTP
daosest 1.5 for AIX 64 bit 11/03/2009 US English 66408 FTP
daosest 1.5 for IBM i (OS/400) 11/03/2009 US English 448272 FTP
daosest 1.5 for Linux 11/03/2009 US English 43440 FTP
daosest 1.5 for Linux 64bit 11/03/2009 US English 50736 FTP
daosest 1.5 for Linux r6 11/03/2009 US English 45369 FTP
daosest 1.5 for Solaris 11/03/2009 US English 44704 FTP
daosest 1.5 for Windows 32bit 11/03/2009 US English 87432 FTP
daosest 1.5 for Windows 64bit 11/03/2009 US English 123784 FTP
daosest 1.5 for zLinux 11/03/2009 US English 50449 FTP

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Modified date: 19 January 2009