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How to hide the description of private Calendar entries in the Resource & Reservations database.

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When a meeting chair uses the "Mark Private" option in the Lotus Notes Calendar Entry form, the subject of the meeting is not visible in the chair's calendar to anyone except the chair. If a room is reserved for this meeting, the subject is shown in the Resource & Reservations (R&R) Database Document for that meeting.

Is there a setting to extend the "Mark Private" functionality to the R&R database? In other words, can the description of private calendar entries be hidden?


The subject of a private meeting is visible in the Reservation Document in the R&R database for a room reserved using the calendar. The same meeting's subject is masked in the user's calendar except for the chair.

Resolving the problem

In Lotus Domino 7.0.3 and later versions and for all versions of Domino 8.0 and 8.5 and 9.x, place the following line in the notes.ini file of the servers that run the RnRMgr task:


This .ini setting causes any new "Private" entry to display in the R&R database as:
    [** Private entry. The description is not available for display. **]

The subject of the reservation will stay private in the R&R database even when using the document's Properties dialog box to view the Subject field. The chair can see the Subject in the mail file entry.

The setting is not retroactive and will not cause the RnRMgr task to go back and remove the subjects from reservations that have already been processed. It only affects new reservations or reschedules from that point forward. Any changes to the Private flag will also be reflected in the R&R database when an update (such as a minor time change) is sent. For example, a private reservation can become non-private simply by sending an update without the Private flag set on it.

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