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Basic steps for installing Lotus Notes 6 or Notes 7 on a Citrix MetaFrame server

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How do you install a Lotus Notes® 6 or Notes 7 client on a Citrix MetaFrame server?


The basic steps for installing a Notes client on a Citrix MetaFrame server appear below.

Note: Support for Citrix MetaFrame with Notes 6 begins with the Notes 6.0.2 release. For earlier releases of Notes 6, this is an unsupported configuration. Consult the Notes client Release Notes for the most current information about support with Citrix.

Step #1 : Installation of the Notes client

a. Log on to the Citrix server (directly, not remotely) as Administrator.

b. From the Microsoft Windows Control Panel, select "Add/Remove Programs." Click Add New Programs, and select the Notes client CD-ROM.

c. During the installation, select the Single User Install. Set the Notes Directory to c:\lotus\notes and the data directory to c:\r6clienttemplate, where "c:" represents a directory on the local Citrix machine.

d. If you are prompted to set Notes as your default Mail Program, select Yes.

Step #2 : Move and modify notes.ini

a. The notes.ini file is placed in the default Windows directory (for example, c:\winnt). Manually move this file from the Windows directory to the c:\r6clienttemplate directory.

    Once you complete the initial installation process, each user that logs on to the Citrix server receives a copy of this notes.ini file.

b. After moving the file, modify it with Notepad to include the following lines: where "w:\" represents the standard user's home drive assignment.







Note: Add any additional notes.ini parameters that you would like to distribute to all users to this file as well.

Step #3 : Set security permissions

Set security permissions on the c:\r6clienttemplate directory to allow all users Read access to this directory. This permission allows users to copy the files and folders from this directory to their individual home directory.

a. To do so, right-click the folder and select Security.

b. Add or Change the "Everyone" group to have reader access.

Step #4 : Configure Logon Scripts for the users

Note: The changes made in this step will apply to all users because these logon scripts are run for each user that logs on to the Citrix server. The virtual drive letter that maps to the user's home profile directory (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>) can be any letter you choose (W is used below), but the home profile directory has to be local to the Citrix Terminal Server. Any Lotus Notes client issues that arise from mapping the virtual drive letter to a directory on a remote file server, instead of to a directory on the local Citrix server, are not supported by IBM Lotus Support. Refer to technote 1086958 for more information on use of remote data directories.

Script A

a. Using Notepad, edit or create the file %systemroot%\Application Compatibility Scripts\RootDrv2.cmd

b. Add the following line, where W is the standard user's home drive assignment:

    Set RootDrive=W:

c. Save and close the file.

Script B

a. Using Notepad, edit or create the file %systemroot%\system32\usrlogn2.cmd

b. Add the following lines, where w is the standard user's home drive assignment:

    if not exist w:\notes md w:\notes

    if not exist w:\notes\data md w:\notes\data

    if not exist w:\notes\data\notes.ini xcopy /s c:\r6clienttemplate\*.* w:\notes\data

Step #5 : Modify Notes Desktop icon

Next, you modify the Notes Desktop icon to point to user's Home Directory.

a. Right-click the icon, and select Properties.

b. Edit the target field to include the following line, where w is the user's home drive assignment:

    c:\lotus\notes\notes.exe =w:\notes\data\notes.ini

Final Step:

At this point, you should log off as the Administrator, and log on to the Citrix Server with a user account. Then launch the Lotus Notes client using the Desktop icon.

Additional Information

The following publicly available IBM Redpapers also contain information on installing Lotus Notes within a Citrix MetaFrame environment.

    Refer to the following sections in "Chapter 5. Installing and configuring the software":
    • 5.4.4 Notes 6

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