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Is Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy supported for Domino backups?

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Is Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service supported for Lotus® Domino® server backups?


In effect, Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service takes a snapshot of files so that backups can occur while an application is running. For this to work properly, however, the application that is running must be aware of and coded to work with the Volume Shadow Copy Service. Otherwise, the service will try to backup open files but cannot be guaranteed to be free of incomplete IO transactions or data corruption.

With this caveat in mind, Lotus Domino does not support the use of Volume Shadow Copy for its backup method. The only supported configuration is through the use of the Domino backup application programming interface (API).

Additional information about Domino supported backup methods:

1. Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service is also known as VSS.

2. Domino backup API is also known as the Backup and Recovery functionality of the Lotus C API for Domino and Notes.

3. Additional information regarding Domino backup API can be found in the "Lotus C API Notes/Domino 6.5 User Guide". Provided below is an excerpt from the introduction of Chapter 9-9, "Backup and Recovery".


The Backup and Recovery functionality of the Lotus C API for Domino and Notes allows the media recovery of databases under Domino.  This API functionality covers capturing a full point-in-time backup of a database, archiving transaction log file extents, and finally recovering a database by applying its logged transactions to its recoverable backup file.  API applications which utilize this functionality must execute locally.......

Also in Chapter 9, the following sections might be of interest to a Domino developer:
  • Full Database Backup,
  • Media Recovery, and
  • Media Recover - Other Considerations

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