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"Error 4000: %a's Certification Log" or "Error 4678: The collection has become invalid"

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You have a LotusScript agent that uses the NotesView GetDocumentByKey/GetAllDocumentsByKey or GetAllEntriesByKey/GetEntryByKey method and are seeing this error message:

    Error 4000: %a's Certification Log

    - or -

    Error 4678: The collection has become invalid

Resolving the problem

"Error 4000: %a's Certification Log" was caused by the fix for SPR# AJMO7LHMK9. This abnormal error message was reported in SPR# OIHZ7UVJ7T. Affected versions include: 7.0.4, 8.0.2 Fix Pack 2 and 8.5
Fix Pack 1.

The abnormal error message has been corrected (fixed in 8.5.1 and 8.0.2 Fix Pack 3) to "Error 4678: The collection has become invalid". This error can occur when performing a GetDocumentByKey/GetAllDocumentsByKey or GetAllEntriesByKey/GetEntryByKey on a view that is constantly being updated by the server. After a certain number of unsuccessful attempts to perform the GetDocument/Entry call, the error is returned preventing an infinite loop/hang.

Because these LotusScript methods did not throw this error in previous releases, SPR# CSCT836HFL was created as a regression for this behavior. For more information and fix details about SPR# CSCT836HFL, see technote #1424178.

If you have an agent (or more than one) that is encountering either of these errors, one way to work around this is by adding custom error handling to your agent to handle this error.

By using the "On Error" statement with error number 4000/4678 around GetDocument/Entry calls, you can trap the error and perform the necessary actions.

For example, you can call "Sleep" on the agent for a certain number of seconds and then retry the GetDocument/Entry call.

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