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November 2010 Update for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1

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Cumulative fix package for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1.

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This page contains product updates for the IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1 compilers on the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 5 (RHEL 5) for IBM Power Systems
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 6 (RHEL 6) for IBM Power Systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 2 (SLES 10 SP2) for IBM Power Systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 1 (SLES 11 SP1) for IBM Power Systems

This update fixes the following APARs*:
LI75750 - Weak symbol not marked weak
LI75751 - Segfault when throwing in vector
LI75755 - Incorrect instruction order with -O3
LI75758 - Missing incomplete enum diagnosis
LI75796 - The use of undefined class in not valid msg
LI75797 - xlC accepts templates without argument list
LI75798 - Error: Base class is declared but not defined.
LI75759 - Template instantiation problem with sizeof()
LI75799 - Missing forward declaration results in error
LI75800 - Issues with binding threads to processors
LI75802 - Application segfault with -O3 -q64
LI75760 - Compiler error and wrong output with -qarch
LI75764 - No no-op instruction for STR fucntion
LI75805 - xlCcode falsely swapping compare instructions
LI75806 - Assembler error during PDF1 linking
LI75765 - Compiler error with -O2
LI75807 - Bad C++ stabstring
LI75809 - Incorrect out with -O2 and -qstaticinline
LI75779 - Abend in xlCcode at -O due to an assert
LI75811 - Compiler generating large stack frames
LI75812 - Exported functions removed by IPA link phase
LI75786 - Compiler error with -qhot
LI75791 - Compilation hangs with -qpdf1
LI75815 - Internal compiler error with -qipa=relink
LI75792 - Floating point exception traps with -O3
LI75511 - -qhot causing incorrect loop result
LI75795 - Optimizing away IF causing FP exception
LI75819 - Runtime definition error while using -qipa
LI75801 - Incorrect result from fp_invalid_op()
LI75774 - Adding support for RHEL 6 for XLC/C++ for Linux, V11.1
LI75772 - November 2010 Update for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1
LI75773 - November 2010 Runtime for XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1

* Some APARs may have been fixed first in another release of this product. In such cases, fixes have been ported to this release and APAR descriptions have been copied from the original APARs.

Latest updates
This update may not be the latest one for this product. Click here for the list of latest product updates for IBM C and C++ compilers.


IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V11.1 compiler, at the base level ( or higher.

See the "System Prerequisites" section in Chapter 1 of the Installation Guide for base level compiler prerequisite details.

Installation Instructions

RHEL 5, SLES 10 and SLES 11
See Chapter 4 "Installing an update" in the Installation Guide (PDF).

Please follow these additional instructions and you might also need this technote.

Download package

Note: There is only one download package for both RHEL 5/RHEL 6 and SLES 10/SLES 11.

The download package, vacpp.111.linux_ppc.nov2010.update.tar.gz, contains:


Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
vacpp.111.linux_ppc.nov2010.update 11/26/2010 English 66927551 FC FTP

Technical support

For information about latest technical issues, changes to the existing behavior, as well as documentation corrections for this product, please refer to the on-line Readme.

Problems (APARS) fixed
LI75750, LI75751, LI75755, LI75758, LI75796, LI75797, LI75798, LI75759, LI75799, LI75800, LI75802, LI75760, LI75764, LI75805, LI75806, LI75765, LI75807, LI75809, LI75779, LI75811, LI75812, LI75786, LI75791, LI75815, LI75792, LI75511, LI75795, LI75819, LI75801, LI75774, LI75772, LI75773

Document information

More support for: XL C/C++ for Linux

Software version: 11.1

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: Not Applicable

Reference #: 4028540

Modified date: 26 November 2010

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