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The z/TPF Services and Education team continues to provide a wealth of classes to support and expand your knowledge of z/TPF and TPF 4.1.



Our consultants can provide expert advice to your TPF team, assist in, or take complete ownership of, implementing or evaluating projects in areas such as:

  • System Health Assessments
  • Application Development
  • Console Automation
  • Communications
  • Database
  • Operations and/or Coverage
  • Performance Analysis
  • SOA Enablement and Web Services
  • On-site Support
  • 24x7 Pager Support
  • Hardware and/or Software Implementations
  • Initial project planning and/or periodic, independent project reviews
  • Migration Planning and Implementation
  • GCC Compiler support


IBM has a variety of z/TPF education offerings. Classes can be customized to provide high level overviews or an in-depth, internals level detail session for any area of z/TPF. Some training areas include:
  • z/TPF
  • z/TPF Migration
  • z/TPF Collection Support
  • z/TPF Assembler and C/C++ Dump Analysis
  • z/TPFDF
  • TPF Toolkit
  • TPF Operations Server
  • MQSeries for TPF
  • TPF Application Requester
  • TCP/IP
  • SOA Enablement and Web Services
  • C and C++ Programming

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