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TPF Users Group Presentations Fall 2005

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Presentations by IBMers at the October 2005 TPF Users Group Conferences held in Orlando, Florida


Main Tent z/TPF: It's Here and It's Ready
Stuart Waldron

z/TPF Test, Drivers, Automation and Performance PPT presentation
Kevin Jones

z/TPF Maintenance Preview for this evening's Hot Topic
Brian Laferriere

z/TPF Programming Model PPT presentation
Michael Shershin
Hot Topics z/TPF Maintenance Packaging, Content, and Web Resources
Brian Laferriere

IBM2047 Code Page
Bob Kopac
MQSeries Task Force MQSeries
Allan Feldman
Performance Task Force Performance PPT presentation
Luis Vega-Zayas
TPF Toolkit Task Force TPF Toolkit Deploying and Maintaining PPT presentation
Anthony Lawrence

TPF Toolkit
Mary Huang
Database and TPFDF Subcommittee Database/TPFDF
Steve Record

TPFDF and z/TPFDF Status Update
Kevin Jones
Development Tools Subcommittee Development Tools
Mary Huang

Single Source Tools in TPF Toolkit Converting TPF 4.1 Application
Source Code Single Source
Mary Huang
Using Target Environments in TPF Toolkit V3
Mary Huang
Operations and Coverage Subcommittee Operations and Coverage PPT presentation
Josh Salit
System Control Program Subcommittee System Control Program PPT presentation
Kevin Jones
Applications Development Subcommittee Applications Development
Brian Laferriere

Enhancements and Structure
Rick Matela
Communications Subcommittee Hardware Cryptography Support - The Details
Mark Gambino

TCP/IP Control Block and Input Message Processing
Jamie Farmer
Requirements Subcommittee TPF and TPFDF Requirements
Kevin Jones
Education TPF Dumps and Debugging
Allan Feldman

An Introduction to Linux and Linux for z/TPF
Dan Weber
Hospitality Handouts What is new in the z/TPF and TPF 4.1 debugger?
Josh Wisniewski

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Copyright © IBM Corp., 2005

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