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TPF Users Group Meeting - October 1999 - Cancun, Mexico

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Presentations given at the October 1999 TPF Users Group Conference held in Cancun, Mexico.

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Focus Groups
IBM Presentations
TCP/IP Native Stack Gambino (IBM)
PUT 11 Enhancements
MultiMod Copy, File System, and Transaction Services Improvements
RPC Cooper (IBM)
Enterprise Storage Server Support Foley (IBM)
TPF Collection Support Jacobs (IBM)
TPF Year 2000 Readiness (Withdrawn)
Matela (IBM)
TPF Family of Products and the Year 2000 -- 
TDS Readiness and Contingency
Small (IBM)
Update on TPF Lab Deployment of VA/TPF Ames (IBM)
TPFDF Requirements Inouye (IBM)
MQSeries Strategic Support Kilani (IBM)
Communications Subcommittee Presentations


TPFDF Status Update Inouye (IBM)
Operations & Coverage Presentations
EOCF/2 Updates Kallberg (IBM)
Browser Interface for Operational Messages Jacobs (IBM)
TPF Languages Subcommittee Presentations
C++/DLLs Bob Kopac, 
Colette Manoni


IIOP Tison (IBM)

RPC Handout  Cooper (IBM)
Coupling Facility 2 Foley (IBM)
TPF Services and

TPF Services and Education Villard (IBM)

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