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TPF Users Group Presentations - April 1997 - San Francisco, California

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Presentations given at the April 1997 TPF Users Group Conference held in San Francisco, California.

Resolving the problem

The original presentations have been combined into a single combined presentation file (PDF)

  • "IBM Opening" by Jerrie Stewart
  • "TPF Compiler Support" by Rick Reynolds
  • "New Communications Driver" by Mark Gambino
  • "APPN Enhancements" by Mark Gambino
  • "Recent TPF 4.1 Comms APARs of Interest" by Mark Gambino
  • "EOCF/2 Update" by Kevin Jones
  • "TPFDF Update" by Kevin Jones
  • "TPFDF Requirements" by Kevin Jones
  • "TPF as a Super Web Server" by Stu Waldron
  • "TPFAR Enhancements" by Theresa McDermott
  • "TPFUG Requirements" by Gail Ames
For an accessible version of the combined presentations file click on: These presentations are primarily intended for online screen readers and are not optimized for visual presentation.

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