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Migration utilities for Rational Quality Manager v1.0.0.x

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The IBM Rational Quality Manager v1.0.0.x allows migration of data from existing IBM Rational products to a Rational Quality Manager database.

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To leverage the updated versions of the migration utilities, download the versions of the utilities to your client system, and install them as described in the migration section of the online users guide. In the first step of installing each utility the users guide will ask you to copy these files from the Rational Quality Manager server.

As of the initial release of Rational Quality Manager, the version of the client systems used to initiate the migration of data is limited to these versions:

  • IBM ClearQuest Test Management migration must be performed from the ClearQuest Eclipse client version 7.0.1 or newer.
  • IBM Rational Test Manager version 2003.06.15, 2003.06.16, 7.0.0 or 7.0.1
  • IBM Rational Manual Tester version 7.0.1 or newer.
  • User need to migrate Rational Manual Tester scripts before migrating references to those scripts from either ClearQuest asset registries or Rational Test Manager projects. Existing test management artifacts can not connect to the scripts that are not available to be referenced. Repeating the test artifact migration after script migration will insert the references where appropriate if the scripts are not migrated first.
  • When migrating from ClearQuest the file location in ClearQuest must exactly match the Rational Manual Tester script location for the scripts to align in Rational Quality Manager. In particular if a UNC path name is used in CQTM to refer to the RMT scripts then the same path needs to be used to migrate the RMT scripts to Rational Quality Manager. This path is used to ensure that the scripts align properly in the Rational Quality Manager server.
  • In a Rational RequistePro (ReqPro) enabled ClearQuest project there is a RAProject record that contains the ReqPro database information for CQ. One of the fields in this record is the ReqWeb server URL. This needs to be set and the same as the ReqWeb server that Rational Quality Manager will use to integrate with ReqPro for the CQTM requirement integration to be migrated correctly.
  • In order to migrate defect records associated with ClearQuest Test Manager or Rational Test Manager test artifacts the user must set up the ClearQuest Connector first. Migrated records can only be referenced in the target project if they have been made available through the connector.

Change History
28 October 2008 Initial release of Rational Quality Manager migration utilities
14 January 2009 Updated CQTM migration utility


Rational TestManager or Rational ClearQuest Test Manager

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Rational Quality Manager Migration tools

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
CQTM migration utility 11/28/2008 US English 330 FTP
Manual Tester migration utility 10/28/2008 US English 388 FTP
TestManager migration utiliy 10/28/2008 US English 235 FTP

Cross Reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development Rational TestManager Integrations: IBM Windows 2003.06.15, 2003.06.16, 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2
Software Development Rational ClearQuest Integrations: IBM Windows 7.0.1,,,, 7.1
Software Development Rational Manual Tester General Information Windows 7.0.1,,,
Software Development Rational Quality Manager Express Edition General Information Linux, Windows 1.0,

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