IBM Support Assistant 4.1 Workbench (ISA) Quick Start Guide

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This Quick Start Guide includes links to training and resources to introduce IBM Support Assistant 4.1 Workbench. Use it to: download IBM Support Assistant workbench; find the products associated with the workbench; download ISA Lite; and list the problem determination tools available through IBM Support Assistant.

Resolving the problem

Get started with IBM Support Assistant

  1. Listen to these three short MP3 training modules to learn about IBM Support Assistant
    • ISA part 1 - customize ISA and find information

    • ISA part 2 - automated data collection and problem determination capabilities

    • ISA part 3 - problem determination tooling, troubleshooting tools and data collection options

      Note: If you are having a problem listening to the audio, download the MP3 files to your local computer by right-clicking the file name and using the Save Target As option.

  2. ISA QuickView charts provide a high level look at the IBM Support Assistant

  3. ISA fact sheet offers one-page descriptive highlights of the IBM Support Assistant workbench

  4. Take advantage of the training available through IBM Education Assistant to learn about the IBM Support Assistant and ISA Lite

  5. Operating systems are listed to the right of this document

  6. IBM Support Assistant FAQs are available for your review

Download ISA workbench

Reporting problems or questions about ISA or tooling
Support for the IBM Support Assistant workbench and problem determination tooling is provided through a developerWorks forum. Access the forum from the link below and post a new question or comment:

Search multiple knowledgebases
Conduct a concurrent search in the ISA workbench using multiple search engines (including Google) for one search string.

Use Problem Determination tools
There are many robust problem determination tools available through the ISA workbench that you can use to review files collected to pinpoint problem areas. Use ISA Lite to collect troubleshooting files. See details below.

Collect data automatically with ISA Lite
  1. ISA Lite fact sheet offers descriptive highlights of ISA Lite. The ISA Lite Best Practices page provides tips on using ISA Lite.

  2. ISA Lite has automated data collectors available from the drop-down menu on the ISA Home page, under IBM Support Assistant Lite. If a product is not on that list, go to the next step below

  3. Create your own ISA Lite collector tool through the workbench if it is not on the drop-down list. Follow these steps:
    1. Download the product add-on in the IBM Support Assistant workbench
    2. Click Collect and Send Data. Three options display on the left
    3. Choose ...Using IBM Support Assistant Lite
    4. Create the generated collector by completing each of the collector options:
      • Select a collector (if the installed product add-on does not display, it does not have a Must Gather document and cannot create an ISA Lite collector)
      • Specify the target directory
      • Specify the filename
      • Click the Export button
    5. Transfer the exported IBM Support Assistant Lite collector to a remote system using ftp or any other available file transfer protocol
    6. Unzip the exported IBM Support Assistant Lite collector to target location
    7. Setup JAVA_HOME or be sure that Java is in your path statement
    8. Run the command runISALite.bat (Windows) or script from the tool's ISALite directory on the remote system. Execution begins
    9. Provide the appropriate responses to any collection prompts.
    10. Review the collected files or send them to IBM support

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