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Uploading large files when using Lotus Quickr for Domino

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How can you increase the file size allowed for uploads to a place in Lotus Quickr services for Lotus Domino, when using a Web browser or using the Lotus Quickr Connectors? You want to allow uploads greater than the default setting of 10 MB.


Use the steps below to increase the allowed size of uploads. The PDF attached below provides these steps along with screen captures. These steps are the same as those in the Lotus Quickr Information Center topic "Enabling connector uploads of 10MB or larger files".

These changes affect the allowed size of file uploads for any interface, not just the Lotus Quickr Connectors.

To change the file size, do the following:

1. Set the Maximum Attachment Size field in the Site Administration place:

    1. Log into the Lotus Quickr home page as a Lotus Quickr administrator.
    2. Go to Site Administration.
    3. Go to Other Options.
    4. Click the Edit Options button.
    5. Increase the size of the Maximum Attachment Size field to a larger amount, up to a maximum of 1 GB (1,048,576 KB). To allow an unlimited size, clear the value in this field (that is, make the field blank).
    6. Click the Next button to save.

2. Set the HTTP size variables for the server:
    1. Open the Domino Administrator client.
    2. Edit the Server document of the server running Lotus Quickr.
    3. Click the Internet Protocols tab.
    4. Click the HTTP tab.
    5. Increase the size of the Request timeout field to a larger amount.
    6. Increase the size of the "Maximum size of request content" field to a larger amount, up to a maximum of 1 GB (1,048,576 KB).
    7. Save the Server document.

3. Set the Maximum POST data size:
    1. Click on the Domino Web Engine tab.
    2. Increase the size of the "Maximum POST data" field to a larger amount, up to a maximum of 1 GB (1,048,576 KB).
    3. Save the Server document.

4. Restart the Domino server.

Check Proxy server
Note: If you are using a proxy server, check for any adjustments needed there. For example, with IBM Edge Proxy Server, the default limit for uploads is 10 megabytes. You can change this by adding the following parameter to the ibmproxy.conf file:
    LimitRequestBody nnn M,

where nnn is the maximum number of megabytes allowed by upload.

Example: “LimitRequestBody 100 M” sets the size as 100 megabytes.

Steps with screen captures:


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