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Enabling Secondary Database Configuration for BIRT Reports

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How to configure reports to execute from an Reporting Data Base?


To respond to today’s dynamic Business Environment critical business information needs to be immediately available. This business information can come in a variety of formats, and often includes Enterprise and Ad Hoc reports.
To configure your environment to respond to these dynamic needs, you may want your reports execute from a separate, reporting database. This separate, external database may be a snap-shot of your production, transactional database, and is sometimes referred to as an external, replicated or reporting database.

Using reporting databases can reduce the load on your production, transactional database and lead to performance improvements. These performance improvements can be especially noticeable for complex reports.

This document will detail two methods that this can be configured. The first method will detail how all reports can be configured to execute against a reporting database, and the second method will detail how a portion of the reports can execute against the reporting database.

*Note: This document only applies to Maximo QBR (Ad Hoc) and BIRT Enterprise reports.

Additionally, you can find more details on other reporting features by accessing the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here or the Maximo Report Reference Materials located here

Revision History
Revision 4 - December 2013 - Updated diagrams, formatting and noted that if you configure a reporting database for ALL reports – this includes QBR reports

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Asset Management for IT All 7.1.1
Systems and Asset Management IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials All 7.1.1
Systems and Asset Management IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials All 7.1

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