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MP07: WebSphere MQ - JMS V7 Performance Evaluations

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MP07 includes performance charts showing Performance measurements to present the performance capabilities of WebSphere MQ V7 on AIX, Linux, Windows, and zOS

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This SupportPac includes:

• Performance measurements with figures and tables to present the performance capabilities of WebSphere MQ V7.
• Discussion of Performance enhancements included in WebSphere MQ V7.

Possible Uses
This SupportPac is designed for people who:
• Will be designing and implementing solutions using WebSphere MQ JMS for AIX, Linux, Windows or z/OS.
• Want to understand the performance limits of WebSphere MQ/JMS on these platforms.
• Want to understand how to tune WebSphere MQ/JMS for these platforms.

New in this Release
• Additional JMS measurements are reported on Selectors, MDBs, and large messages

Skill Level Required
The reader should have a general awareness of JMS and WebSphere MQ in order to make best use of this SupportPac.

Author: Peter Toghill, Pete Hickson, WebSphere MQ Performance, Hursley
Category: 2
Released: 15Apr09
Last Updated: 27Oct09
Current SupportPac Version: 1.1
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More support for: WebSphere MQ

Software version: 7.0

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 4022778

Modified date: 27 October 2009