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Sample code for client management notification using micro broker and JMS

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Sample code to replace the default method for notifying the client that a task is ready, with a method that uses JMS in WAS, WebSphere Message Broker, and the microbroker.

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In Lotus Expeditor 6.2, the DMS (Device Management Services) 2.1 method of managing Lotus Expeditor was replaced with Client Management 1.0.  One of the new items in that component is the ability to notify a client when there is a task waiting for it.  The default implementation of notification that was delivered with the product uses HTTP Post to activate a servlet running in the web container on the client.  This method has several inherent shortcomings, such as:

* If the client changes IP address
* If the client connects through a NAT (network address translation) firewall
* If the client has a firewall that prevents the connection.
* It requires the client web container to be installed and configured.

This download document contains the sample code to replace the default method with one that uses JMS in WebSphere Application Server (WAS), WebSphere Message Broker, and the micro broker to notify the client that a task is ready for it.


Required Software:

  • Lotus Expeditor 6.2
  • Lotus Expeditor 6.2 toolkit
  • Lotus Expeditor Server (requires WAS 6.1)
  • WebSphere Message Broker 6.1

Installation Instructions

IBM Lotus Expeditor wiki topic: Client management notification using micro broker

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JMS client notification sample code 12/15/2008 English 285 HTTP

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More support for: Lotus Expeditor

Software version: 6.2

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Symbian OS, Windows, Windows Handhelds

Reference #: 4021658

Modified date: 28 October 2009

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