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Error: "Bad HTTP status: 404..." when accessing DWA Instant Messaging contact list

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When you attempt to access your Instant Messaging contact list in Lotus Domino Web Access (iNotes; DWA), you receive the following error message and the contact list does not display:

"Bad HTTP status: 404 Error encountered retrieving data. Click the browser's Refresh button to reload the page."

The DWA server is configured to use the DWA 8 Contact List.

The following errors display on the server console:

HTTP JVM: Error occurred while loading Servlet (DWABuddyList)

HTTP JVM: Class DWABuddyList could not be located
HTTP JVM: -----Servlet Information-----
Servlet name:  DWABuddyList
Servlet class: DWABuddyList
Servlet state: <Error>
Configuration parameters: <none>
HTTP JVM: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: DWABuddyList: DWABuddyList

Resolving the problem

This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# BCOE6TML2R and was determined not to be a software problem. There are several additional steps needed for the DWA 8 contact list to work correctly. These steps are provided in the Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino 8.0 Release Notes and are added below for quick reference.

NOTE: Be sure that the file that you create on the DWA server is named In beta versions of the release notes, the file name provided was incorrect.

Release Note: DWA: Configuring the new Sametime buddy list
To configure the new Sametime buddy list:

On the DWA server

  • Turn on Java servlet support.
      1. Open the Server Document --> Internet Protocols --> Domino Web Engine.
      2. In the "Java servlet support" field, choose Domino Servlet Manager.
  • Create a file named and place in the server's Data directory.
  • Add the following content to the file:

      NOTE: Be sure that the "s" in servlet in the parameter above is lowercase. If not, the error will still occur.
  • Restart the server.

On the Sametime server
  • Add the IP address of the DWA server to a Setting Document in the stconfig.nsf database on the Sametime server

      1. Open stconfig.nsf on the Sametime server.
      2. In the By Form view, open the CommunityConnectivity document.

      3. Enter the IP address of the DWA server in the Community Trusted IPs field.

      NOTE: If you must enter multiple addresses, separate the entries using a comma (documented in the Sametime 7.5 Installation Guide, available for download at the Sametime Documentation web site).
      4. Restart the Sametime server.

If you are still receiving errors even though the configuration listed above is configured correctly, check to see if any of the following scenarios may apply:

In one scenario, the Domino Java Virtual Machine (JVM) was disabled on the server. This can cause the "Bad HTTP status: 404" error when accessing the DWA IM contact list.

    -- To determine whether the Domino JVM may be disabled, check the DWA server's notes.ini file for HTTPDisableJVM=1. If this parameter is set, the Domino JVM is disabled.

    -- If the Domino JVM disabled and you enabled verbose logging in the file, you will not see any servlet logging activity in the log.nsf. To resolve this issue, delete HTTPDisableJVM=1 from the DWA server's notes.ini file and restart the server.
In another scenario, the DWA server was also the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). BES had added HTTPDisableJVM=1 to the Domino notes.ini file to disable Domino JVM so BES could use its own JVM.

In a third scenario on Windows 2008, a file created with a text editor (Notepad) was not recognized as a PROPERTIES file.

    In this case, the issue was resolved by copying a file from the Sametime server and modifying the contents to contain the settings described above.

    In one instance on the iSeries platform, this error occurred because the Qnotes user on the DWA server did not have rights to the file.

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