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IBM® recognizes that customers might want to run Apache Geronimo on a broad set of configurations (for example: platforms, related products, or frameworks). To help customers understand the IBM support available for their planned configuration, IBM is introducing the “Recommended”, “Compatible” and “Not Supported” configuration classifications. These configuration classifications are intended to be used by customers who need to run on platforms that might not be tested with Apache Geronimo or who would like to use related products or frameworks that might have been tested by partners of IBM.



In the following table, the Support Policy outlines how IBM intends to work with customers who have purchased IBM Support for Apache Geronimo.

Type of configuration Description Support policy
Recommended configuration IBM recommends that customers use these operating system levels and processor architectures for production.
IBM provides support for this configuration for customers who have an IBM Support for Apache Geronimo support contract and are entitled to support, defect fixes or a reasonable alternative to address a reported problem with using Apache Geronimo on these platforms
Compatible configuration IBM makes no formal claim of how well these platforms will actually perform and therefore is not able to include them as Recommended Configurations at this point in time.

Customers might want to run Apache Geronimo on a platform that they are more familiar with but is not on the Recommended Configuration category. IBM expects that Apache Geronimo should function reliably on a given platform if:
  • The application itself conforms to the J2EE™/Java™ EE(5) specification, and

  • The platform has been validated by the Apache Geronimo community and is supported by IBM under an IBM Support for Apache Geronimo support contract, and/or

  • The platform has undergone a relatively minor level of testing to validate basic functionality (install, start the server, stop the server, and so on) on the platform, and/or

  • The IBM Business Partner (who owns, creates, maintains, publishes, sells, or delivers the platform) claims that Apache Geronimo works with their platform configuration
For customers that have an active IBM Support for Apache Geronimo support contract, IBM will work with the customer, IBM Business Partners and the Apache Geronimo community in a commercially reasonable manner to help solve the customer problem or determine that the problem source is outside of Apache Geronimo.

Customers might be directed to our Business Partners for support on their specific offerings.

IBM might, at our discretion, defer support to a more current release of Apache Geronimo or choose to reclassify the configuration as "Not Supported"
Not supported configuration IBM is aware that these platforms are known not to work with Apache Geronimo. Not supported. Customers should use a Recommended or Compatible Configuration to receive support under an active IBM Support for Apache Geronimo.

System requirements

Memory requirements

Disk: 120 MB to hold the server's installation files, initial configuration, and log files (not including JDK)

Memory: 128 MB RAM (256 MB or more preferred and depends on deployed applications)

Platform requirements

R in the following table stands for recommended.
C in the following table stands for compatible.
N in the following table stands for not supported.

Linux platform
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 SP2 or SP3
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 and SP1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10 and SP1 1
SUSE Linux OSS 10.1 or 10.21
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and Ubuntu 6.10
Ubuntu 7.04
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4 Update 4 or 5 AS, ES, WS
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5 AS, ES, WS
Fedora Core 61
Fedora 71
Server 2, Red Flag and Miracle
Server 3
Linux 2006
Corporate Server 4.0
Solaris platform
Solaris 10
Windows® platform
Windows XP1 Professional SP2
Windows 2003 Server SP1 or SP2
MacOS X 10.41

  1. Supported for application design, development, and testing only; no support for production use.

JVM requirements

Java JRE and SDK
Support level
Sun Java
  • 32-bit SE 5 (1.5.0 Update 11 or later)
  • All others (including 1.4, 1.5 SE 6 and 64bit)

All other Java vendors

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