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This document describes how to download IBM WebSphere DataStage Pack for Oracle Applications 2.2 for Microsoft Windows from the IBM Passport Advantage web site.

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WebSphere DataStage Pack for Oracle Applications facilitates selecting and importing the Oracle Applications metadata into WebSphere DataStage where it can be managed along side other enterprise information. The Pack enables you to extract and load data into your Oracle applications.

Space requirements

The disk space that is required to install the Pack is 200 MB.

Downloading the product
  1. Go to the Find Downloads and Media Web page on the IBM Passport Advantage Web site.
  2. Under Download finder options select the Find by product description search option.
  3. Search for each downloadable image by product description.
  4. Download all of the required parts.
  5. Use a file extracting utility that supports large file extractions to unpack each of the parts into a single, temporary directory on your system.
  6. Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to install the product.

After receiving a proof of entitlement, you will be directed to the WIIS Portal to obtain a license file to be applied during product installation. This license file controls which of the product modules you are allowed to install and run. Only the products that you purchased are available for you to install.

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Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows XP

Product description File name
IBM WebSphere DataStage Pack for Oracle Quick Start Guide DataStagePackOracleApps_
IBM WebSphere DataStage Pack for Oracle Applications 2.2.0. Windows English US


The Pack runs as an application on the IBM WebSphere DataStage Server V8.0. Ensure that your system meets the software, hardware, and operating system requirements for installing IBM WebSphere DataStage Server V8.0.

Installation Instructions

See the Quick Start Guide for basic information about installation.

Download package

You can download or request a media pack for this product from the Passport Advantage site by clicking the link in the following table.

Passport Advantage Online web site 12/16/2011 English 11842

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