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Plan your product installation and assess the compatibility of coexistent products. This information helps to reduce compatibility issues by providing guidance on installing, updating, troubleshooting, uninstalling, and reinstalling WebSphere Integration Developer and other IBM Rational Software Development Platform (RSDP) products.


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Shell-sharing environments
Install WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.1
Update WebSphere Integration Developer
Uninstall and reinstall

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Before you install any of the IBM Rational Software Development Platform products, investigate and plan your product installation. First, assess whether you need to install a single or multiple products. For example, WebSphere Integration Developer might suit all your needs. This product provides business integration capabilities as well as Web, Web services, Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), and so on through its customizable Workbench (WebSphere Integration Developer workspace > Window > Preferences > Workbench > Capabilities).

In other cases, you might need to install more than one product, such as when your project includes both portal and Service Component Architecture (SCA) development. Because Portal Toolkit runs in conjunction with Rational Application Developer, you might need to have WebSphere Integration Developer, Rational Application Developer, and Portal Toolkit running in parallel. If you have a limited number of workstations with sufficient resources, consider having the two development environments coexist on a single workstation.
Shell-sharing environments

When Rational software products and WebSphere Integration Developer are installed on a single system, they share a single common framework. This approach is known as shell sharing. The first product that you install also installs the common framework. When you install additional products, the existing framework is used and product-specific plug-ins only are installed. Shell sharing is enforced and cannot be deactivated.

The common framework saves space and installation time. Workbenches associated with the installed products are integrated together so that you can view and access all the supported functions in a single session.

Shell sharing demands that all products that you install are based on a compatible level of Rational. If a product that you are installing is not based on a compatible level, the installation reports that it cannot work with the existing Rational installation, and specifies that you must upgrade the existing installation.

To determine whether your planned coexistent products are compatible with one another, refer to the WebSphere Integration Development information center topic IBM Rational Software Development Platform and shell-sharing.
Install WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.1

If you already have Rational Application Developer installed, ensure that you have V6.0.1.x in order to be compatible with WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.1. If you have an earlier or later version of Rational Application Developer, correct this incompatibility with the IBM Rational Product Updater before you install WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.1.

WebSphere Integration Developer supports 3 installation mechanisms: CD, downloaded electronic image, and network installation image. For more information, refer to the following WebSphere Integration Developer information center topics:
Update WebSphere Integration Developer

To update from WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0 to version 6.0.1, use the Rational Product Updater ( Installation instructions).

The following recommendations and resources will help you to update WebSphere Integration Developer:

The following troubleshooting guidance will help you to update WebSphere Integration Developer:
  • In addition to reading the installation progress bar (which might appear to halt intermittently), you can track the installation progress of the Integrated Test Environment by monitoring two files:

    <wid_install_dir>\logs\ wps_v601_install_out.log

    Where the directories <TEMP_DIR> and <wid_install_dir> refer to the system-defined temporary and WebSphere Integration Developer installation directories respectively.

  • If you encounter problems during a WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.1 installation or a WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.1 update with the Rational Product Updater, provide information on the following logs to IBM Technical Support.

    Logs relating to WebSphere Integration Developer:

    wid_install_dir\logs\wid_v601_install.log (will not exist if there are no errors)

    Logs relating to WebSphere Process Server Integrated Test Environment:


    Logs relating to a WebSphere Process Server update from 6.0 to 6.0.1:


    Logs relating to Rational Product Updater errors:


Uninstall and reinstall

In a shell-sharing environment, you cannot uninstall and reinstall only one of the products due to limitations with the Rational Product Updater.

The following instructions include steps to manually delete product directories to remove artifacts that could cause an unstable environment after you reinstall the products. The instructions are required regardless of whether WebSphere Integration Developer is the only product installed or it is one of many Rational Software Development Platform products installed.

To uninstall Rational Software Development Platform products, complete the following steps:
  1. Uninstall all shell-sharing products.

  2. Delete all product directories for shell-sharing products, such as for WebSphere Integration Developer, WebSphere Process Server Integrated Test Environment, and Rational Application Developer. Perform this step regardless of whether you have installed the products to separate directories, or in one location.

  3. If the WebSphere Process Server Integrated Test Environment fails to uninstall correctly:
    1. Use a text editor to open the following files:

      C:\Documents and Settings\username\.WASRegistry
      C:\Documents and Settings\username\.WBIRegistry

    2. Delete all old paths.

    3. Use a text editor to open the following file:


    4. Delete all lines containing old path names. These lines typically start with WSBAA and WSEAA.

      Note: If you do not perform this step, the WebSphere Process Server Integrated Test Environment might not install correctly when you reinstall WebSphere Integration Developer.

  4. Reinstall the products.

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