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WebSphere Process Server migration planning worksheets

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The WebSphere Process Server Migration Planning worksheets are useful if you expect to upgrade your WebSphere business process management (BPM) environment within a year. Refer to these worksheets particularly if your environment includes WebSphere Process Server.


One of the attached worksheet focuses on the migration process to WebSphere Process Server V6.2.0.x. The other worksheet focuses on migration to WebSphere Process Server V7.0.0.x..

The migration planning worksheet gives you a starting point for planning version-to-version (V2V) migration. It helps you position your current project environment, resources, and expectations with the known requirements and methodology's of version-to-version (V2V) migration.

Even if you work with an IBM consultant on the migration, both of you can benefit from the planning worksheet. The information you provide in the worksheet can help the consultant focus on the areas that are most important to you. Using the worksheet helps you understand the entire V2V migration process. Although working with an IBM consultant during V2V migration is not mandatory, the consultant can bring significant IBM expertise to the project.

If you are migrating to WebSphere Process Server V6.2.0.x, refer to the "Migration_Planning_Checklist_62.doc" document.

If you are migrating to WebSphere Process Server V7.0.0.x, refer to the "Migration_Planning_Checklist_70.doc" document.

Although both documents are conceptually similar, the latter document is a progression and refinement of the earlier document. The perspective of the latter document is focused on migrating to WebSphere Process Server V7.0.0.x.

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