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TS3500 Auto Configuration on i5/OS


TS3500 Auto Configuration on i5/OS

When a tape library is installed on a System i, i5/OS configures the tape library objects needed to use the library. This is sometimes confusing since there are many elements at work:

(1) The number of IOAs and control paths determines the number of TAPMLBxx objects configured
(2) With recent releases, some of the un-needed tape libraries are suppressed on the WRKMLBSTS screen to avoid confusion
(3) The i5/OS “single library” code locates all the drives of a given type in the library partition and displays them in the TAPMLBxx definitions to allow the customer flexibility in sending his saves to the library.

This document explains the way the tape libraries are configured and provides examples. It should be printed in colour so the zoning can be understood.

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TS3500 Auto-Configuration on i5os - 2007 10.pdf

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